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Tickety Toc

Tickety Toc Clock is a special clock located in the middle of a wall of clocks inside an old clock shop. The clock chimes the time every hour, but it's not as easy as it seems. Behind the clock's face is an extraordinary world where things don't always run smoothly. The show's heroes are 8-year-old twins Tommy and Tallulah, who race against time to keep Tickety Toc Clock ticking and chiming the time. The siblings do everything with enthusiasm, commitment and positivity -- even if it gets them further into trouble. Among the characters who live in the clock's fantastical world are Pufferty, a dog-shaped train that helps the citizens of Tickety Town get around, maintenance man McCoggins and accident-prone rabbit Hopparoo, who is McCoggins' apprentice and eventually hopes to become a full-fledged maintenance worker.

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First Aired: April 30, 2012
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 12:00 AM
Runtime: 10 minutes
Network: Nick Jr.
Genre: Animation


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Luke Cawley

as Pufferty
Image By: Supermax
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Felicity Duncan

as Madame au Lait
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Phillipa Alexander

as Hopparoo
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