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Girl ( Varinthorn problems, Kan ), eldest son of the magnate. Be polite and intelligent Is the magnate 's trusts Girl has many brothers in the house. Most of the rainbows are women (Nat Vara family fortune ) was the sister of obedience and love more Girl Narang ( Honey glory Medical Association) is tractable . Husbands SMART ( fronting Semantics Krit ) everything was Tamarind ( Patteera mold Audible Pong Kanjanapokin ) is the youngest beloved brothers. And a brother , Amnon is Ram (Alec French rendering ), which is like a giant brothers . Rasika magnate tapered vent about the giant . Eldest son, he is always faithful . Girl magnate wanted to find a way to squeeze Rasika a stalemate with Wang to occupy the post of honor . Then set conditions for Rasika to marry Ram. Young son is abroad in exchange for ownership of the palace.

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First Aired: November 27, 2014
Air Day: Thursday
Air Time: 20:25
Runtime: 95 minutes
Genre: Drama


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