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Nederland van Alleman

50 years ago, Bert Haanstra created the Alleman film; a portrait of our Dutch. The film was not about particular striking people but rather about the everyday life of the average citizen. Alleman so. How we lived back then? What was important for us? How we went with our children and what we did in our free time? Now, 50 years later, the Netherlands has been completely overhauled. We got the pill, computer, internet, mobile phone, the 24-hour economy, and a multicultural society. How they come across to us that Dutch of 1963? 8 episodes we examine what changed in the field of work, love, leisure, life of the Dutch. How did our behavior? And what things will never change?

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First Aired: February 13, 2014
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Runtime: 40 minutes
Network: AVRO
Genre: Documentary
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