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Bluebird's House

Needless to say, life as a fresh college graduate is difficult, especially for millenials. Caught in the crosshairs of their parents' conservative perspectives on work and duty, a group of young professionals — Kim Ji Wan (Lee Joon Hyuk), Han Eun Soo (Chae Soo Bin), Jang Hyun Do (Lee Sang Yeob), and Kang Young Joo (Kyung Soo Jin) — live together and support one another as they vie for meaningful and well-paid positions, but find it hard to balance their individual hopes, dreams and desires.


First Aired: February 21, 2015
Air Day: Saturday
Air Time: 19:55
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: KBS TV2
Genre: Drama


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Lee Joon-Hyuk

as Kim Ji Wan
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Chae Soo-Bin

as Han Eun Soo
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Lee Sang-Yeob

as Jang Hyeon Do
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