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The series begins in 1993. Marine Corps Colonel Alexey Bragin and the Sniper Yuri Khamzin missing during military operation of the federal forces in the North Caucasus. Six years later, during a joint special operation of FSB's Alpha Force and Spetsnaz GRU in the North Caucasus, terrorist training camps were destroyed; while the soldiers captured the bunker, they found chained to the wall and overgrown beard colonel Alexey Bragin. After six years been presumed dead, Bragin becoming a media event, and freed Bragin is found in serious psychological and physical condition, he exhausted by long years of torture and solitary confinement. Now, Bragin start working with doctors and psychologists, as well as Anna Zimmina, an expert analyst from the FSB's Counterterrorism Center. At the heart of the plot is a confrontation between Bragin who experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder and is s

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First Aired: March 16, 2015
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 21:00
Runtime: 50 minutes
Network: Россия 1
Genre: Crime


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