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Not Only... But Also

Welcome To the show Home for Not only... But Also... "A true television comedy classic - not only Peter Cook but also Dudley Moore combining to provide three brilliant series of sketch comedy, beginning in 1965 and ending in 1970. The two made a perfect double-act, the tall, elegant, rapier-witted Peter Cook contrasting with the small and more intense Moore." The opening credits were always different. One week the titles were painted on the deck of an aircraft carrier and another they would be dangling between the halves of Tower Bridge. Cast: Peter Cook (The Two of Us,Bedazzled (1967)) Peter Cook (Dudley,Daddy's Girls,Bedazzled (1967)) Peter cook based his characters on observations of real life people. There are lots of guest stars... lots and lots... Every episode has a guest star. =================== Programming History Aired on BBC2 then availblized on BBC1. January - April 1

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First Aired: January 1, 1965
Air Day:
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Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: BBC Two


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