The Red Green Show

Season 8                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Harold's Leaving1998-03-26
2House Moving1998-03-26
3Neither Rain Nor Sleet1998-03-26
4The Cult Visit1998-03-26
5College Life1998-03-26
6The New Monument1998-03-26
7Free Apricots1998-03-26
8The Mayor Race1998-03-26
9Better To Give Than Recieve1998-03-26
10Town Services Contract1998-03-26
11It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas1998-03-26
12Life Cycle1998-03-26
13Mad About You1998-03-26
14Bingo Was His Name1998-03-26

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