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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
2Errors and Omissions2011-06-30
3Inside Track2011-07-07
4Dirty Little Secrets2011-07-14
5Bail Out2011-07-21
6Tricks of the Trade2011-07-28
7Play the Man2011-08-04
8Identity Crisis2011-08-11
10Shelf Life2011-08-25
11Rules of the Game2011-09-01
12Dog Fight2011-09-08
SpecialRecruits: Firing Norma2012-08-01
SpecialRecruits: Getting Litt2012-06-26 
SpecialRecruits: Busted2012-06-07 
SpecialRecruits: Can Opener2012-08-01
SpecialRecruits: El Mensaje2012-08-01 
SpecialRecruits: The Spot2012-08-01 
SpecialRecruits: Research2012-07-23 
SpecialRecruits: Practice Makes Perfect2012-07-18 
SpecialRecruits: Quote for Quote2012-06-19

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