Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Fly Away Home2012-03-19 
2The Right Colour to Be2012-03-20
3Best Bouncer2015-06-01
4Baba Pink's Bossy Day2015-06-02
6Painting the Door2015-06-04
7Mystery Noise2015-05-06
8Full Moon2015-06-06
9Rainbow in a Knot2015-06-07
11Wide Awake Sun2015-06-09
12Anyone Seen Sun?2015-06-10
13Grumpy Rainbow2015-06-11
14Being Baba Pink2015-06-12
15Fuffa's Raining Lesson2015-06-13
16Little Star Flies High2012-08-15
17Missing Rainclouds2012-08-16
18Rainbow's Orchestra2012-08-17
19Finding Fuffa2012-08-20
20Skydonk's New Home2012-08-21
21Sun's Very Own Sunset2012-08-22 
22Runaway Skytrain2012-08-23 
23Race Around the Sun2012-08-24 
24Sun Catches a Cold2012-12-03
25Lost and Found2012-12-04
26Mucky Skyhorsies2012-12-05
27Bobo to the Rescue2012-12-06
28Wash Day2012-12-07
29 Morning Mist2012-12-10
30Fastest Rainbow2012-12-11
31The Star Whistler2013-02-20
32Go To Bed Little Star2013-02-21
33Rainbow Baby2013-02-24
35Snow Fun Sun2013-02-26
36No Room in the Sky2013-02-27
37Moons Big Shine2013-02-28
38Baba Blue's Little Helper2013-03-01
39Horsies in the House 2013-03-04
40The Big Pop 2013-03-05
41Something Beautiful 2013-03-06
42Rainpear Pirates 2013-03-07
43A Busy Night2013-03-08
44Moonlight Sleepover2013-03-11
45A Cloud of Many Colours2013-03-12
47Go Slow Rainbow2013-03-14
48Thank You Baba Blue2013-03-25
49Harvest Moon 2013-03-26
50Wishing Star 2013-03-27
51Rain Rain Rain 2013-03-28
52Goodbye Fuffa2013-03-29

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