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Season 2017                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1The Greatest Hits2017-01-04 
2Alexa, Show Me Horsed*ck2017-01-11 
SpecialThe RT Process2017-01-11 
3The Poop Playlist2017-01-18 
SpecialA F*cking Cornetto2017-01-18 
4Drinking a Memory2017-01-25
SpecialPodcast #412 Post Show2017-01-25
5How Up Is Space?2017-02-01
SpecialPodcast #413 Post Show2017-02-01
6The Just Had Sex Look2017-02-08
SpecialSex in the Eye2017-02-08
7Gavin Forgot The Podcast2017-02-15
SpecialBurnie Takes Barbara's Office2017-02-15
8People Poison Cats2017-02-22
SpecialGoogle Girls2017-02-22
9Puppies Like Pancakes2017-03-01
SpecialThe Inner Dick-Bit2017-03-01
10Burnie The Paranoid2017-03-08
SpecialDarth Lama2017-03-08
11When the Ball Drops2017-03-15
SpecialAnal Bleach Shade2017-03-15
12Girls Don't Have Wet Dreams2017-03-22
SpecialGus's Emergency2017-03-22
13She Wants the Tea2017-03-25
SpecialThe Quest to Make Things Easier2017-03-25
14Burnie's Sunset Party Hangover2017-03-29
SpecialSwitch and Swap2017-03-29
15Once You Get the Boner2017-04-05
SpecialSexy Donkey2017-04-05
16Batman's Phone2017-04-12
SpecialHillbilly Name2017-04-12
17Gus Does What Gus Wants2017-04-19
SpecialThat's What Planes Are For2017-04-19
18Social Media is a Flat Circle2017-04-26
19Nature's Gross2017-05-03
SpecialSlurp Slurp2017-05-03
20Worf Worf2017-05-10
SpecialDarth Millennial2017-05-10
21Gavin's Golden Bathroom Rule2017-05-17
SpecialBurnie The Tornado2017-05-17
22The Impossible Mission2017-05-24
SpecialIt's For Work!2017-05-24
23Three Bs and a Gus2017-05-31
SpecialEverything is Clickbait2017-05-31
24Is That Me?2017-06-07
SpecialAre You a Robot?2017-06-07
25Sticks and Flowers2017-06-14
SpecialSupply and Demand2017-06-14
26Anatomy of the Butt2017-06-21
SpecialNo Man's Land2017-06-21
27Adam Kovic is Solid but Not Hard2017-06-24
SpecialScared of Dying2017-06-24
28Solid D2017-06-28
SpecialPick Up Chicks2017-06-28
29People Were Bored2017-07-01
SpecialHold Your Children Close2017-07-01
30No Room for Butter2017-07-05
SpecialThis Might All Be Garbage2017-07-05
31We Have The Mud2017-07-08
SpecialDo Not Nerd Shame Me2017-07-08
32Gavin or Google 132017-07-12
33Bethany Knows Stuff: The Game2017-07-15
SpecialRTX I Can’t Yet2017-07-15
34We're Never Drinking Again, Except at Work2017-07-19
SpecialCamera Utilizing New Technology2017-07-19
35Verbal Government Approval2017-07-22
SpecialCall Mr. Bennigan2017-07-22
36Top Billing Showdown2017-07-26
SpecialToo Comfy2017-07-26
37Sir Gavin of Business Class2017-07-29
SpecialNo XP When You Sleep2017-07-29
38What Makes a Puppet a Muppet?2017-08-02
SpecialFear and Dicks2017-08-02
39Geoff the Hermit2017-08-05
SpecialSeven Years Behind2017-08-05
40The Fake Fiance2017-08-09
SpecialThe Greek Kitchen2017-08-09
41The Eclipse Mix-Up2017-08-12
SpecialBad Words and Naughty Bits2017-08-12
42Szechuan Sauce Taste Test2017-08-16
SpecialMcNuggets and Bullsh*t2017-08-16
43Lindsay Gives Birth?2017-08-19
SpecialWhiskey in Cup2017-08-19
44Construction Forever Always2017-08-23
45Blaine Burns Everyone2017-08-26
SpecialCollege Drama Failure2017-08-26
46Marching with the Juggalos2017-08-30
SpecialBecca Tries To Bury Her Womanhood2017-08-30
47He Knocks Out Aaron2017-09-06
SpecialJust In It For The Bones2017-09-06
48Burnie and Ashley Air Their Grievances2017-09-09
SpecialThe Environmental Episode2017-09-09
49He Loves Barbies2017-09-13
SpecialMustache Discord2017-09-13
50The Sax Machine Plays On2017-09-20
SpecialNobody Wants to Work for Disney2017-09-20
51Triggered by Social Media2017-09-27
SpecialPizza Post Show2017-09-27
52Burnie Punks Jon2017-10-04
SpecialJon and Ashley Keep Secret From Burnie2017-10-04 
53Who Cares About Szechuan Sauce?2017-10-11
SpecialNot My Job to Make Money2017-10-11 
54Jon Wants to Touch the Rock2017-10-18

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