Leave it to Bryan

Season 3                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Reno Misteps2013-08-26
2Battling Budgets2013-08-26
3Law & Mortar2013-09-02
4As Bad as it Gets2013-09-02
5The Wrong Footing2013-09-09
6Reno Impact2013-09-09
7Safety Dance2013-09-17
8Wall Me Maybe2013-09-17
9Post with the Most2013-09-24
10A Leak of Faith2013-09-24
11Bursting at the Beams2013-10-01
12Labour Intensive2013-10-01
13Going Walls Out2013-10-08
14Path of Most Resistance2014-01-07
15Safety Worst2014-01-07
16Say Your Prayers2014-01-14
17Get Your Leak On2014-01-14
18Grout of Site2014-01-21
19Shading Spaces2014-01-21
20Get into the Move2014-01-28
21The Price is Fight2014-01-28
22Construction Fore-Mom2014-02-04
23Rocky Road2014-02-04
24Skeptic Tank2014-02-11
25Painted Flack2014-02-11
26Bricking Time Bomb2014-02-19

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