Leave it to Bryan

Season 4                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Between Gyprock & a Hard Place2014-08-25 
2A Can of Squirms2014-08-25 
3House Wreck of Bryan2014-09-01 
4Boiler Alert2014-09-01 
5Pain in the Grass2014-09-08 
6Where it Drains It Pours2014-09-08 
7Bluff Love2014-09-15 
8The Fighting's on the Wall2014-09-15 
9Pressure Cooker2014-09-22 
10Housing Crisis2014-09-22 
11Reno Ride2014-09-29 
12All Hands On Wreck2014-09-29 
13Ramp My Style2014-10-06 
14Flood Bath2015-01-05 
15Climbing the Walls2015-01-05 
16Detailed Disoriented2015-01-12 
17Rent Out of Shape2015-01-12 
18Motion to Dismantle2015-01-19 
19Reviving the Roost2015-01-19 
20Wishing and Coping2015-01-26 
21Daddy Duty2015-01-26 
22Came in Like Eric-ing Ball2015-02-02 
23Chain of Tools2015-02-02 
24Before the Cookie Crumbles2015-02-09 
25Having a Wall2015-02-09 
26A Cut Above2015-02-16 

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