Bigg Boss

Season 10                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
0Season Premiere2016-10-16
1Day 1: Celeb sevaks serve the Indiawales2016-10-17
2Day 2: Is Om Baba's secret safe with Lopamudra?2016-10-18
3Day 3: Fight between Rohan and Manu gets ugly!2016-10-19
4Day 4: Om Baba gets jailed!2016-10-19
5Day 4.12016-10-20 
6Day 4.22016-10-20 
7Day 52016-10-21 
8Pehla 'Weekend Ka Vaar' with Salman!2016-10-22 
9Weekend Ka Vaar: Bigg Boss's first eviction!2016-10-23 
10Day 7 & 82016-10-24 
11Day 92016-10-25 
12Day 102016-10-26 
13Day 112016-10-27 
14Day 122016-10-28 
15Weekend Ka vaar: Diwali dhamaka with Salman!2016-10-29 
16Weekend Ka Vaar: 'Bigg' Diwali celebration in the house!2016-10-30 
17Day 14 & 152016-10-31 
18Day 162016-11-01 
19Day 172016-11-02 
20Day 182016-11-03 
21Day 192016-11-04 
22Weekend Ka Vaar: Its Indiawale vs Indiawale!2016-11-05
23Weekend Ka Vaar: Rockstars in the house!2016-11-06
24Day 21 & 22: Khatray ki Ghanti!2016-11-07
25Day 23: Will Manveer save Manu?2016-11-08
26Day 24: No Indiawale, No Celebs - Meet the Gharwale!2016-11-09
27Day 25: Kaun Banega Captain?2016-11-10
28Day 26: 'Tum Bin 2' star cast in the house!2016-11-11
29Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman's 'Vaar' on Celebs!2016-11-12
30Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman and Himesh hit the right notes2016-11-13
31Day 28 and 29: Manu unleashes his fury on Om Swami!2016-11-14
32Day 30: Ugly Spat in the house2016-11-15
33Day 31: A furious Lokesh speaks her mind!2016-11-16
34Day 32: New captaincy is off to a rocky start!2016-11-17
35Day 33: Captain Rohan turns dictator!2016-11-18
36Weekend Ka Vaar: Double Vaar with Mouni Roy2016-11-19
37Weekend Ka Vaar: Alia Bhatt in the house2016-11-20
38Day 35 and 36: Viral Video War2016-11-21
39Sunny and Om Swami recreate the magic of 'Sholay'2016-11-22
40Day 38: Lopa ki 'Bigg' chori2016-11-23
41Day 39: Rahul finally loses his cool on Om Swami!2016-11-24
42Day 40: Om Swami exposes his ugliest side!2016-11-25
43Weekend Ka Vaar: Can Salman handle Om Swami Ji?2016-11-26
44 Weekend Ka Vaar: Wild card entries revealed!2016-11-27
45Day 42 and 43: Wild cards vs The Nominated2016-11-28
46Day 44: Om Swami Ji, a weeping thief?2016-11-29
47Day 45: Are Manu and Manveer drifting apart?2016-11-30
48Day 46: Cracks in Manu, Mona and Manveer's friendship!2016-12-01
49Day 47: Manveer goes all out to win the captaincy task!2016-12-02
50Weekend Ka Vaar: A day full of surprises for Manu, Manveer and Monalisa2016-12-03
51Weekend Ka Vaar: ‘Befikre’ dare from Ranveer and Vaani2016-12-04
52Day 49 and 50: Manu leaves the Bigg Boss house!2016-12-05
53Day 51: Baba's Pee-Ka-Boo Moment2016-12-06
54Day 52: Why did Gaurav spoil Lopa's game?2016-12-07
55Day 53: Bani's 'Bigg' fallout in the press conference!2016-12-08
56Day 54: All hell breaks loose!2016-12-09
57Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman tears Om Swami ji apart!2016-12-10
58Weekend Ka Vaar: Comedy ka Dhamaka2016-12-11
59Day 57: Sorry to pop your balloon!2016-12-12
60Day 58: When Manu is away, Mona is at play!2016-12-13
61Day 59: Manu and Priyanka are back in the house!2016-12-14
62Day 60: The Captaincy competition heats up!2016-12-15
63Day 61: Lopamudra and Priyanka's ugly spat!2016-12-16
64Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman disapproves of Gaurav's game plan2016-12-17
65Weekend ka Vaar: A 'colorful' weekend with the colors family2016-12-18
66Day 63 & 64: Monalisa's Emotional Meltdown2016-12-19
67Day 65: Bas Bhi Karo Baba2016-12-20
68Day 66: The Bigg Showdown!2016-12-21
69Day 67: Priyanka's sweet reunion2016-12-22
70Day 68: Family time in the house!2016-12-23
71Weekend Ka Vaar: Santa Salman's gift to housemates2016-12-24
72Weekend Ka Vaar: Sonakshi Sinha and Manish Paul spread holiday cheer2016-12-25
73Day 70 and 71: Cracks in Manu-Mona Friendship?2016-12-26
74Day 72: It's getting chilly in the house2016-12-27
75Day 73: What 'Toofani' has Om Swami done now?2016-12-28
76Day 74: Baba pushes Rohan too far2016-12-29
77Day 75: Bani, the new drama queen?2016-12-30
78Weekend Ka Vaar: Welcome 2017 with Salman2016-12-31
79Weekend Ka Vaar: Bani and Gaurav to part ways?2017-01-01
80Day 77 and 78: Nominations with a twist2017-01-02
81Day 79: Prize money Vs Captaincy2017-01-03
82Day 80: Om Swami strikes again!2017-01-04
83Day 81: Om Ji's filthy act riles up the house2017-01-05
84Weekend Ka Vaar: Om Swami Evicted!2017-01-06
85Weekend Ka Vaar: Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor dazzle the stage2017-01-07
86Day 84 and 85: War of words between Nitibha and Manveer2017-01-09
87Day 86: The 'Bigg' ticket to finale2017-01-10
88Day 87: Friends turn competitors!2017-01-11
89Day 88: Bigg Boss Ka Call Centre2017-01-12
90Day 89: Bani and Lopa's 'bigg' cat-fight!2017-01-13
91Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman's verdict on the 'Bigg' fight!2017-01-14
92Weekend Ka Vaar: Do you want a 'partner'?2017-01-15
93Day 91 and 92: Dosti ya Finale?2017-01-16
94Day 93: Wedding bells for Mona!2017-01-17
95Day 94: Mona and Vikrant tie the knot!2017-01-18
96Day 95: Bani tests Lopa's patience2017-01-19
97Day 96: Mona's endurance put to the test2017-01-20
98Weekend Ka Vaar: Mona Lisa Evicted!Weekend Ka Vaar: King Khan in the house2017-01-21
99Weekend Ka Vaar: Teen Ka Tashan2017-01-22
100Day 98 & 99: Lopa and Bani's face-off!2017-01-23
101Day 100: What's cooking in BB Dhaba?2017-01-24
102Day 101: Who will be a part of the final 4?2017-01-25
103Day 102: Dost Dost na raha?2017-01-26
104Day 103: Fab 4 Flashback2017-01-27
105Weekend ka Vaar: It's Celebs vs Indiawale again!2017-01-28
106Bigg boss 10: Season Finale2017-01-29

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