Caribbean Life

Season 2                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1A Pennsylvania family moves to Puerto Rico for culture,Sun and Local Cuisine2015-01-01 
2With the job transfer of their dreams, a young couple moves to Puerto Rico2015-01-01 
3A couple moves from cold New England to the island tropics of Vieques, Puerto Rico2015-01-04 
4From the desert of Flagstaff, Arizona to the tropics of Isabella, Puerto Rico2015-01-04 
5A couple leaves West Virginia to open a restaurant and start a new life in St. Croix2015-01-11 
6Busy New Yorkers move to St. Croix to open an events and catering business2015-01-11 
7An engaged couple decide to make a life in St. Croix2015-01-18 
8A mom, dad and their four kids move from Michigan to St. Croix to live the Caribbean life2015-01-18 
9A Los Angeles family decide to find a home in Bocas Del Toro, Panama2015-01-25 
10A couple trades in their Seattle lives and careers to start their own business in Bocas Del Toro2015-01-25 
11A Colorado family leaves snowy Fort Collins for the Caribbean life in Bocas Del Toro, Panama2015-02-08 
12A family leaves dry Texas for tropical Roatan, Honduras2015-02-08 
13A couple leaves Canada to open a catamaran business in Roatan, Honduras2015-02-15 
14A couple leaves landlocked Austin, Texas for a dream life in Roatan, Honduras2015-02-15 
15A Los Angeles family of four trades in their cars for boats and move to Bocas Del Toro, Panama2015-03-01 
16Newlyweds leave their Ohio home to move to a place they have only seen in photos, St. Croix2015-03-01 
17A veterinarian and his family get the chance of a lifetime to live and work in the Cayman Islands.2015-03-08 
18A Canadian family, originally from the Caribbean, escapes the snow for life in Barbados2015-03-08 
19A Los Angeles TV executive returns to his roots in the Cayman Islands2015-03-15 
20A Dallas couple trade in their hectic Texas lives to move to St. Thomas and start a vineyard2015-03-15 
21A Texas family moves to the Dominican Republic, lured by a dad's love of the island from years ago2015-03-22 
22 A Canadian couple moves themselves and their retiring parents to the bliss of Barbados2015-03-22 
23Canada to Dominican Republic2015-03-29 
24D.C. couple returns to their roots on St. Maarten to start a bike rental business and a new life2015-03-29 
25A Denver couple are about to get married and move to Playa Del Carmen2015-04-05 
26A couple leaves the hustle of NYC to be their own bosses of a restaurant on St. Thomas2015-04-05 
27A Texas couple finally moves to Cozumel and fulfills a lifelong dream of Caribbean living2015-04-12 
28A pilot and his wife relocate from the heat of Texas to the warm breezes of the Dominican Republic2015-04-12 

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