Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Season 3                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
127Naitik fights with Gayatri2009-07-07 
128Rajshri worries about Akshara2009-07-08 
129Bhabhimaa decides the menu2009-07-09 
130Land for the school approved2009-07-10 
131Akshara can't go with Naitik2009-07-13 
132Naitik avoids Akshara's call2009-07-14 
133Akshara goes for a check-up2009-07-15 
134Rajshri and Akshara are arrested2009-07-16 
135Naitik is livid with Rajshri2009-07-17 
136Akshara and Naitik fight2009-07-20 
137Vishwambar cancels school project2009-07-21 
138Gopal threatens Vishambhar2009-07-22 
139Vishambhar’s family is worried2009-07-23 
140Shaurya is upset with Vishambhar2009-07-24 
141Akshara-Naitik's Wedding2009-07-27 
142Rajshri ruins Gayatri’s surprise2009-07-28 
143Akshara learns about Gopal2009-07-29 
144Akshara's family is not invited2009-07-30 
145Akshara has high fever2009-07-31 
146Rajshri apologises to Gayatri2009-08-03 
147Complaint filed against Gopal2009-08-04 
148Akshara asks about the school2009-08-05 
149Akshara writes to her baby2009-08-06 
150Rashmi flaunts her diamonds2009-08-07 
151Akshara, Naitik's First Night2009-08-10 
152Surabhi comes to teach yoga2009-08-11 
153Mohit’s problems are solved2009-08-12 
154Surabhi is uncomfortable2009-08-13 
155Naitik upset with Gayatri2009-08-14 
156Akshara has cold2009-08-17 
157Akshara misunderstands Naitik2009-08-18 
158Akshara is upset with Naitik2009-08-19 
159Naitik and Akshara argue2009-08-20 
160Akshara is hurt2009-08-21 
161Naitik and Rajshekhar are worried2009-08-24 
162Rajshekhar incurs business loss2009-08-25 
163Naitik suffers loss in business2009-08-26 
164Gayatri's cheque bounces2009-08-27 
165Rajshekhar reveals his problems2009-08-28 
166Rajshekhar is worried2009-08-31 
167Workers refuse to accept bonus2009-09-01 
168Daddaji's family faces crisis2009-09-02 
169Naitik can't recover the loan2009-09-03 
170Daddaji signs the mortgage papers2009-09-04 
171Naitik's family prepares to leave2009-09-07 
172Mohit looks for a house2009-09-08 
173Akshara's last-ditch attempt2009-09-09 
174Vishambhar wants to help Daddaji2009-09-10 
175Akshara asks Naitik to sing2009-09-11 
176Naitik continues his search2009-09-14 
177Planning Ananya’s birthday2009-09-15 
178Daddaji wants to shift soon2009-09-16 
179Ananya’s birthday2009-09-17 
180Daddaji's family feels awkward2009-09-18 
181Ananya’s birthday party2009-09-21 
182Owner wants double rent2009-09-22 
183An important file is missing2009-09-23 
184Rashmi and Nandini visit Daddaji2009-09-24 
185Naitik is confident about work2009-09-25 
186Property dealer demands money2009-09-28 
187Naitik lies to his family2009-09-29 
188Priest demands more money2009-09-30 
189Vishambhar is society president2009-10-01 
190Naitik gives hope to Akshara2009-10-02 
191Akshara tries to lower expenses2009-10-05 
192The priest scares Gayatri2009-10-06 
193The priest demands money2009-10-07 
194Gayatri lies to Akshara2009-10-08 
195The godh bharai is finalised2009-10-09 
196Daddaji wants to postpone the ritual2009-10-12 
197Naitik breaks a bond2009-10-13 
198Akshara goes into labour2009-10-14 
199Akshara's lies to Gayatri2009-10-15 
200Varsha calls Akshara2009-10-16 
201Omi retuns home2009-10-19 
202Naitik's plan for the movie2009-10-20 
203Naitik and Akshara go to a movie2009-10-21 
204Naitik is ill2009-10-22 
205Dadaji is annoyed with Naitik2009-10-23 
206Dadaji loses the deal2009-10-24 
207Akshara misses her family2009-10-24 
208Omi shocks Sunaina2009-10-26 
209Sunaina is depressed2009-10-27 
210Rajshri's plan2009-10-28 
211Omi is shocked2009-10-29 
212Omi and Sunaina reunite2009-10-30 
213Akshara tries to get a gift2009-10-31 
214Naitik's gift to Dadaji2009-11-01 
215Akshara's driving lessons2009-11-02 
216Akshara searches for the necklace2009-11-03 
217Rajshri wants Akshara to stay2009-11-04 
218Naitik avoids Akshara2009-11-05 
219Akshara comes back2009-11-06 
220Naitik makes everyone proud2009-11-07 
221Akshara's responsibilities2009-11-08 
222Dadaji accepts Naitik's plan2009-11-09 
223Varsha visit Sulekha's house2009-11-10 
224Akshara is disappointed2009-11-11 
225Gulabo instigates Gayatri2009-11-12 
226Sulekha is unwell2009-11-13 
227Dadaji is angry with Akshara2009-11-16 

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