Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Season 5                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
296Akshara's emotional2010-02-22 
297Akshara goes back2010-02-23 
298The families to meet2010-02-24 
299Daddaji's plan for Holi2010-02-25 
300Akshara's happy to see Naitik2010-02-26 
301Akshara Avoids Naitik2010-03-01 
302Naitik Surprises Everyone2010-03-02 
303Naitik Drinks Bhaang2010-03-03 
304Naitik Disappears2010-03-04 
305Akshara Is Embarassed By Naitik2010-03-05 
306Everyone Plays A Game2010-03-08 
307Naitik Dares Akshara2010-03-09 
308Locked In A Room2010-03-10 
309Akshara Wants To Get Out2010-03-11 
310Akshara Confronts Naitik2010-03-12 
311Akshara and Naitik have a talk2010-03-15 
312The Patch Up2010-03-16 
313Naitik apologises to Akshara2010-03-17 
314Akshara To Be Brought Home2010-03-18 
315Naitik Sneaks Out Of The House2010-03-19 
316Confrontation With A Cop2010-03-22 
317Akshara is Caught2010-03-23 
318Naitik Brings Akshara Home2010-03-24 
319Naitik Fakes Falling Sick2010-03-25 
320Naitik Plans To Cook For Akshara2010-03-26 
321Naitik Makes A Dessert2010-03-29 
322Akshara and Naitik To Go To Daman2010-03-30 
323Akshara and Naitik in Daman2010-03-31 
324Lost In A Jungle2010-04-01 
325Akshara Is Bored2010-04-02 
326The Flight Is Cancelled2010-04-05 
327Akshara, Naitik Return From Daman2010-04-06 
328Tension Between Gaytri, Bhabhima2010-04-07 
329Shaurya's Surprise Birthday Party2010-04-08 
330Shaurya's Friends Create Nuisance2010-04-09 
331Rashmi to wed only after Nandini2010-04-12 
332Shankari suggests a boy2010-04-13 
333Gayatri takes Rashmi to temple2010-04-14 
334Varun's family likes Rashmi2010-04-15 
335Daddaji rebukes Gayatri2010-04-16 
336Gayatri apologises to Daddaji2010-04-19 
337Bhabhima's upset with Gayatri2010-04-20 
338Varsha encourages Shaurya2010-04-21 

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