What on Earth?

Specials                                                                                              Rules for Specials

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Bible's Greatest Mysteries2016-03-26 
2Secrets of Lost Cities2016-04-12
3Military Mysteries2016-04-05
4Strange Things in the Desert2016-04-12
5Unsolved Mysteries2016-04-26 
6Curse of the Abyss2016-05-03
7Stranger than Fiction 2016-05-10
8Myths and Mysteries2017-03-11 
9Here Be Monsters2017-03-18 
10Mystery of the Mummy Desert2017-03-21 
11Into the Unknown2017-03-25 
12Secrets and Lies2017-04-01 
13Forbidden Places2017-04-08 
14Bible's Greatest Secrets2017-04-15 
15Curses and Legends2017-04-22 
16Strangest Things2017-04-29 
17Expedition Truth2017-05-06 
18Lost Worlds2017-05-13 
19Dangerous Knowledge2017-05-20 
20Uncharted Waters2017-05-27 
21Scandal and Sin2017-06-03 
22Journeys to the Edge2017-06-10 
23Forgotten and Unexplained2017-06-17 
24Last Secrets of the Nazis2017-06-20 
25World of Weird2017-06-24 
26Omens of Armageddon2017-06-27 
27Deadly Destinations2017-07-01 
28America the Weird2017-07-04 
29Riddles and Relics2017-07-08 
30Curses of the Ancients2017-07-11 
31Dark Voyages2017-07-15 
32Bibles Darkest Secrets2017-07-18 
33Peril at the Abyss2017-07-22 
34Egypt's Greatest Mysteries2017-07-25 
35Hell on Earth2017-07-29 
36Criminal Pursuit2017-08-01 
37United States of Conspiracy2017-08-01 
38Lies and Legends2017-08-12 
39Legends of the Lost Cities2017-08-15 
40Extreme Adventures2017-08-19 
41Dangerous and Deadly2017-08-26 
42Wicked Things2017-09-02 
43Odysseys to the Edge2017-09-09 
44Investigation Unknown2017-09-16 
45Declassified and Dangerous2017-09-30 
46Chasing Conspiracies2017-10-07 
47Quest for Truth2017-10-14 
48Mysteries and Monsters2017-10-21 
49Dark Secrets2017-10-28 
50Ghosts of the Nazis2017-10-28 
51Forbbiden Knowledge2017-11-04 
52Freaks of Nature2017-11-11 
53Nightmares on Earth2017-11-18 
54Sins and Secrets2017-11-25 
55Curse of the Unknown2017-12-02 
56Lethal Intelligence2017-12-09 
57Dark Operations2017-12-16 
58Secret Histories2018-01-06 
59Here Be Curses2018-01-13 
60Conspiracies That Kill2018-01-20 
61Deadly Treasure2018-02-03 
62Mysteries From Beyond2018-02-10 
63World of Horror2018-02-24 
64Fatal Enigmas2018-03-10 
65Forbidden Fortunes2018-03-17 

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