What on Earth?

Season 4                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialQuest for Truth2017-10-14 
1Dracula's Tomb2017-10-17 
SpecialMysteries and Monsters2017-10-21 
2Fountain of Youth Found?2017-10-24 
SpecialDark Secrets2017-10-28 
SpecialGhosts of the Nazis2017-10-28 
3Mafia Ghost Ship2017-10-31 
SpecialForbbiden Knowledge2017-11-04 
4Beasts of the Lost Jungle2017-11-07 
SpecialFreaks of Nature2017-11-11 
5Mystery of Fang Forest2017-11-14 
SpecialNightmares on Earth2017-11-18 
6Village of the Damned2017-11-21 
SpecialSins and Secrets2017-11-25 
7The Minotaur's Lair2017-11-28 
SpecialCurse of the Unknown2017-12-02 
8Lost City of Goliath2017-12-05 
SpecialLethal Intelligence2017-12-09 
9Finding King Arthur2017-12-12
SpecialDark Operations2017-12-16 
10Treasures of Valhalla2017-12-19 
11Hitler's Lost Gold2018-01-09 
12Temple of Blood2018-01-16 
13S04 E132018-01-23 

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