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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1World War 1 - The Seminal Tragedy - Lies2014-10-25 
2Warring States Japan - Sengoku Jidai - Lies2015-02-14 
3England - South Sea Bubble - Lies2015-05-09 
4Zulu Empire - Lies2015-06-13 
5Byzantine Empire - Justinian and Theodora - Lies2015-08-01 
6Europe - The First Crusade - Lies2015-09-19 
7England - The Broad Street Pump - Lies2015-12-12 
8♫ Admiral Yi: Drums of War - Sean and Dean Kiner2015-11-07 
9♫ The Broad Street Pump Theme - Sean and Dean Kiner2015-12-12 
10On World War II and Nazi Symbolism - A Note from Extra History2016-02-15 
11Justinian and Theodora - Lies 22016-03-05 
12♫ Justinian & Theodora: Monogenes Pais - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-03-05 
13Korea: Admiral Yi - Lies2015-11-07 
14♫ Suleiman the Magnificent - The Lawgiver - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-04-23 
15Suleiman the Magnificent - Lies2016-04-23 
16Early Christian Schisms - Lies2016-05-28 
17First Opium War - Lies2016-07-23 
18♫ Early Christian Schisms: Oxyrhynchus Hymn - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-05-28 
19♫ First Opium War: Waning Moon - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-07-23 
20The Brothers Gracchi - Lies2016-09-24 
21♫ Brothers Gracchi: Air and Light - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-09-24 
22The History of Paper Money - Lies2016-11-12 
23♫ History of Paper Money: Simple Gifts - Sean and Dean Kiner2016-11-12 
24Simón Bolívar - Lies2017-01-21 
25♫ Simón Bolívar: El Libertador - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-01-21 
26Catherine the Great - Lies2017-03-11 
27♫ Catherine the Great: Ascension in C - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-03-11 
28Ned Kelly - Lies2017-04-29 
29♫ Ned Kelly: Farewell to Greta - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-04-29 
30The Articles of Confederation - Lies2017-06-17 
31♫ Articles of Confederation: Article 11 - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-06-17 
32D-Day - Lies2017-08-01 
33The Bronze Age Collapse - Lies2017-08-12 
34♫ The Bronze Age Collapse: Collapse - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-08-12 
35Great Northern War - Lies2017-10-07 
36♫ Great Northern War: Song of Gunfire - Sean and Dean Kiner2017-10-07 

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