Strange Inheritance

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Black Swamp Baseball Card Find2015-01-26 
2The Hoarder and the Actors2010-01-26 
33000 Classic Cars2015-01-27 
4300-Year-Old Stradivarius2015-01-27 
5$3 Million Nickel2015-02-02 
6Bonnie & Clyde2015-02-02 
7Youngest Winery Owner2015-02-03 
8Junk Yard Gems2015-02-09 
9Bug Museum2015-02-09 
10JFK Letters2015-02-16 
11Superstorm Comic Books2015-02-23 
12Roy Orbison's Lost Song2015-02-23 
13Death Valley Thermometer2015-03-02 
14Civil War Tree Stump2015-03-02 
15Pickett's Charge2015-03-09 
16The Mogul and the Artist2015-03-09 
17Movie Theater2015-03-16 
18Texas Map2015-03-16 
19Dino Cowboy2015-03-23 
20Lions, Tigers and Bears2015-03-23 
21Tractors Galore2015-03-30 
22Custer's Last Stand2015-03-30 
24Doll Boy2015-04-06 
25The Ride of Their Lives2015-04-13 
26Masters of Taxidermy2015-04-13 

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