Strange Inheritance

Season 2                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Tanks a Lot2015-11-11 
2Signed, Shoeless Joe2015-11-11 
3Ghost Town Gold Mine2015-11-11 
4Washington's Wallet2015-11-11 
5Autograph Hound2015-11-16 
6Double Barrel Texas Tale2015-11-16 
7From the Emperor's Desk2015-11-23 
8Treasure Hunter2015-11-23 
9Dad's Home2015-11-30 
10Holocaust Diary2015-12-04 
11Toy Soldier Fortune2015-12-07 
12Teeth that Won WWII2015-12-07 
13Over the Moon2015-12-14 
14Redwood on Wheels2015-12-14 
15Orphan Cars2015-12-18 
16Piece of the White House2015-12-18 
17Oswald's Gravestone2015-01-25 
18Oldest Baseball Card2015-01-25 
19Hollywood Dog Fight2016-02-02 
20John Brown's Shackles2016-02-02 
21Father of New York2016-02-08 
22Junkyard Princess2016-02-08 
23Little House, Big Mall2016-02-15 
24Picture This!2016-02-15 

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