Strange Inheritance

Season 3                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Lincoln Rail Splitter2017-01-20 
2Fantasy Feud2017-01-20 
3Pretty Penny2017-01-23 
4Bead Dazzled2017-01-23 
5Basketball's Magna Carta2017-01-30 
6Dino Park2017-01-30 
7Hatchet Man2017-02-06 
8Missing Masterpiece2017-02-06 
9Ancient Cliff Paintings2017-02-13 
10Autograph Addicts2017-02-13 
11Jane Austen's Ring2017-02-27 
12Civil War Model Ships2017-02-27 
13Puppet Opera2017-03-06 
14Toy Soldier Story 22017-03-06 
15Nazi Looted Art2017-03-13 
16Gorillas in Their Midst2017-03-13 
17Beauty and the Babes2017-03-20 
18Industrial Scale Hoarder2017-03-20 
19Library of Magic2017-03-27 
20Million Dollar Beggar2017-03-27 
21Celebrity Art2017-04-03 
22Century-Old Blue Jeans2017-04-03 
23Roller Derby Queen2017-04-10 
24Desert Treasure2017-04-10 
25Jesse James & His Killer2017-04-17 
26Eight Tons of Art2017-04-17 
27Winging It2017-04-24 
28First Fashion Cop2017-04-24 

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