Splash and Bubbles

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Lu the Explorer2016-11-23 
2I've Got Rhythm?2016-11-23 
3I Only Have Eyespots for You2016-11-24 
4Double Bubbles2016-11-24 
5Cleaner of the Kelp2016-11-25 
6How Bubbles Got Her Moves Back2016-11-25 
7Dunk the Artist2016-11-29 
8Ripple's Sea Dragons2016-11-29 
9Tooth Treasure2016-11-30 
10Race Around the Reef2016-11-30 
11Dunk's Cleaning2016-12-01 
12Ripple's Whale of a Tale2016-12-01 
13Golden Legs Gush2016-12-07 
14A Fish Called 'Mo'2016-12-07 
15Deflated Dunk2016-12-09 
16Kelp Forest Keepers2016-12-09 
17Splash's Swim School2016-12-21 
18Light at the End of the Tunnel2016-12-21 
19Small But Mighty2016-12-22 
20Washed Away2016-12-22 
SpecialOne Big Ocean2017-01-16
21Super Splash!2017-01-17 
23Guess Who?2017-01-18 
24Sleepless Sleepover2017-01-18 
25The Kelp Needs Help2017-01-19 
26Mountain of Fire2017-01-19 
27One Big Ocean: Part 12017-03-01 
28One Big Ocean: Part 22017-03-01 
29One Big Ocean: Part 32017-03-02 
30One Big Ocean: Part 42017-03-02 
31The Greatest Treasure of All2017-03-13 
33Here Comes The Hammerhead2017-03-14 
34Denny's New Shell2017-03-14 
35The Sand Is Grand2017-03-15 
36The Treasure Trove2017-03-15 
37Mayor for a Day2017-03-16 
38Oblo from Down Below2017-03-16 
39Chompy's New Foods2017-03-17 
40Cloning Around2017-03-17 
41The House Hunt2017-04-21 
42Dolphin Games2017-04-21 
43Partner Pals2017-05-25 
44Ultimate Hide and Seek2017-05-25 
45My Son, the Frogfish2017-06-12 
46A Day for Papa2017-06-12 
47Bubbles' Little Friend2017-06-13 
48Mrs. Tidy2017-06-13 
49The Lure of Rocks2017-06-14 
50What's the Story, Maury?2017-06-14 
51Smell of Fear2017-09-25 
52A New Spin2017-09-25 
53Clubhouse Clash2017-09-26 
54Raise the Reef2017-09-26 
55Stormy Waters2017-09-27 
56Scoot on Over!2017-09-27 
58The Big Shake2017-09-28 

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