Judge Judy

Season 21                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Death Threat and Racial Profiling?!; Check Bouncy House?2016-09-12 
2You Sound Like a Fool!; Gambling Getaway Gone Wrong!2016-09-12 
3The Fixer!; Motorcycle Regrets2016-09-13 
4Dangerous Drinking!2016-09-13 
5Bad Babysitter Barter; Matching Tattoo Fail!2016-09-14 
6Be Afraid ... or Not!; DWI Disability Fail2016-09-14 
7Baby Daddy Bye Bye!; Haircutting Double-Talk?2016-09-15 
821st Birthday Party Down the Toilet!; Volvo Custody Fight2016-09-15 
9Eye Witness Wow!; Pack Your Bags ... Guilt Trip!2016-09-16 
10Car in Captivity; Speed Eviction?!2016-09-16 
11World's Greatest Landlord?!; Online Attorney Fraud?!2016-09-19 
12Double Baby Daddy Drama!; Go Bang Your Heads Against a Wall!2016-09-19 
13The Ever-Changing Dog-Attack Story; Fumigation Fence War!2016-09-20 
14Rottweiler Puppy Fail; Pro-Bono Publicist Scam?!2016-09-20 
15Icy Road Spin Scare!; Dune Buggy Bamboozle2016-09-21 
16Parking Insanity Caught on Tape!; Single Mom Mess2016-09-21 
17Rage Against the Door!; Convicted Felon Wants Guns Back2016-09-22 
18Disorderly Cousin Conduct?!; Show Me the Proof!2016-09-22 
19Cyclist in the Ped Crossing Smash!; Neighbor From Hell?!2016-09-23 
20Mechanic Crosses a Line?!; Unbelievable Car Deal!2016-09-23 
21Assault of the Landlord?!; Pedestrian Slam in a Parking Lot!2016-09-26 
22Co-Parenting BBQ Snafu!; Prized Tennis Shoes Feud!2016-09-27 
23Friendly Loan or Cry for Help?; White Noise Leads to Homelessness?!2016-09-28 
24Father Scams Inmate?!; Brother's Gift Backfires?!2016-09-29 
25Teen Lies to Police!; Rodent Disposal Fee Fight!2016-09-30 
26Stealing From the Disabled?!; Stalking and Harassment?!2016-10-03 
27Ex-Wife Gets the Pit Bull?; Mercedes Custody Battle2016-10-04 
28Pot-Bellied Pig Bite!; Two Bedrooms Too Small!2016-10-05 
29Arkansas Handyman Hustle?!; Mobile Homelessness?2016-10-06 
30Knife Fight Threat!; Meter Fraud?!2016-10-07 
31Retirement Payday Fail!; Teen Drives Into Wall!2016-10-10 
32Nervy Squatter Lawsuit?!; Well-Behaved Courtroom Dog2016-10-11 
33Thanksgiving Day Breakdown!; Sun Roof Strife!2016-10-12 
34Tree Huggers vs. Tree Choppers; Mistaken Trailer Identity?!2016-10-13 
35Wedding Carriage Ride Failure?!; Terrible Landlord or Miserable Tenant?!2016-10-14 
36Charity Golf Drama!; Who Let the Cat Out?2016-10-17 
37Teen's Savings Stolen by Mom?!; Double Surgery Beatdown!2016-10-18 
38Pool Man in Hot Water?!; Upside Down Truck Deal?!2016-10-19 
39The Picasso of Upholstery; Blue Book, Shmoo Book!2016-10-20 
40Illegal Entry and Photo Shoot?!; Malamute Mayhem!2016-10-21 
41Exotic Fish Payback!; Skateboarder Tragedy!2016-10-24 
42Young Girls Salon Fail!; 2x4 Vandalism Victim?2016-10-25 
43Crock of Baloney!; Pit Bull Chomps Chihuahua!2016-10-26 
44Hothead Road Rage?!; Joy Ride or Hell Ride?2016-10-26 
45Squatter Denial?; Good Samaritan Bitten in the Face!2016-10-27 
46Boxing Coach Space Invader?!2016-10-27 
47Single Mom Settlement; Dog Bite, Huge Settlement2016-10-28 
48Teen Road Trip Lie!; Botched Bodywork?!2016-10-28 
49Jealous Baby Mama Cat Fight!; Free Wheeling and Dealing!2016-10-31 
50Road Rage? Never Get Out of Your Car!; Impounded Car Custody Scramble!2016-10-31 
51God's Gift to Women on the Hot Seat!2016-11-01 
52Lesbian Mud Slinging!; Deceased Dad's Equipment Recovery2016-11-01 
53Pomeranians and the Police!; Underage Drinking and Online Bullying?!2016-11-02 
54Revealing 911 Call!; Trust Your Instincts!2016-11-02 
55A Roommate's Violent Eviction?!; Out of Work, Pregnant and Swindled?!2016-11-03 
56Ex Brothers-in-Law Repo Feud!; $20,000 Child Support Payback!2016-11-03 
57Teen Corrupted by Drug Offers?!; Odometer Scam?2016-11-04 
58Bride Bursting at the Seams?!; Uber Driver Collides With Teen Driver?!2016-11-04 
59Squatter Extortionist?!; Entrepreneur on the Hot Seat!2016-11-07 
60Warning: Adorable Puppy in Court!2016-11-07 
61Winning Lottery Ticket Thief?!; Read What You Sign!2016-11-08 
62This Is Not Show and Tell!; Smoked Out!2016-11-08 
63Bring Back My Child!2016-11-09 
64Mom the Mechanic?!; Dog Etiquette 1012016-11-09 
65Handyman Shows Off Gunshot Wounds?2016-11-10 
66Repoed for a Crazy Amount!; Dog Grooming Business Fail2016-11-10 
67Jealousy Turns to Violence?!2016-11-11 
68Elder Abuse Arrest?!; Deceased Husband ... and Boyfriend?!2016-11-11 
69Bad Attitude Ex-Boyfriend?!2016-11-14 
70Teen Child Support Woes!; Baby Car Seat Slip-Up!2016-11-14 
71Innocent Onlooker Steps Up!; Officer Byrd Nudged by a 13-Year-Old!2016-11-15 
72Hostile Work Environment?; Trampoline Park Accident!2016-11-15 
73Jealousy-Fueled Vandalism?!; Fire Pit Craziness?! Bitten Buyer?!2016-11-16 
74Most Wanted Shoplifter?!; The Reluctant Landlord?2016-11-16 
75Faulty Family Business?!2016-11-17 
76Horse Tragedy in Unsafe Stables?!; Barter Fail!2016-11-17 
77Parents on the Run From Each Other!?2016-11-18 
78Felon Gets Hustled?!; Intoxicated Roommate Woes?!2016-11-18 
79Lame Horse Trespassing?!; I'm Tired of Paying for Weed!2016-11-21 
80Engagement Ring Confusion!; Too Much Money Too Soon?!; Drunk Cyclist?2016-11-21 
81New Boat Owner Fail!; Sister Fighting DUI2016-11-22 
82Malicious Call to Child Protective Services?!; Horrible Tenant?!; Intersection Collision!2016-11-22 
83When Inebriated Lovers Fight!; Bad Grandmother?!2016-11-23 
84Four-Dog Pile-Up!; Spray Gun Mist Mess!2016-11-23 
85$100,000 Dog Attack Nightmare!2016-11-28 
86Debutante Dud?!; Cars Held Hostage?!2016-11-29 
87Sick Boxer Puppy Scam?!; Baby Caught in the Middle!2016-11-30 
88Arrest Him for Fraud?!; Pay Me Back Auntie!2016-12-01 
89I Love You, But I Don't Owe You!; 33-Year-Old RV Bust!2016-12-02 
90Uber Accident Victim?!; Divorce Debit Drama!; Bongs and Pipes ...Oh My!2016-12-05 
91Social Security Fraud?!; Ex-Lovers Break It Down!2016-12-07 
92German Shepherd Breeding Fail?!; It's Mostly Nonsense!2016-12-08 
93When Ex-Mother-in-Laws Attack!; Love Triangle Disaster!; Metal Pipe Slam?!2016-12-09 
94Doggie Daycare Disaster!; Mouth of Pain!2016-12-28 
95Divorced and Angry!2017-01-02 
96Dad Left in the Dark?!; Victim Compensation Funeral?2017-01-03 
97Renter Hell!2017-01-04 
98Don't Fence Me In!; Sister, I Don't Believe You!; Mess or No Mess?!2017-01-05 
99Hair Salon Rip-Off!; Cousins Go Dutch on Rent?; Friends' Fallout!2017-01-06 
100The Danger of Dog Parks!; Study Abroad Misfire; Friends Don't Let Friends Borrow Money2017-01-09 
101Time Share Fiasco!; Bad Luck Car Sale2017-01-10 
102Savage Dog Attack!; Medical Treatment Disaster2017-01-11 
103Immigrant Battle!; I Smell Pot!2017-01-12 
104Where's the Ring?!; The Case of the Missing Car; Totaled Friendship!2017-01-13 
105Limo Driver Thief?; $50,000 Truck Custody Battle; Burn Baby Burn!2017-01-16 
106$100 Basketball Bet Turns Violent!; Quick! I Need a PIzza Oven!2017-01-17 
107Zip Line Rip-Off?!; Teen Purchase Pickle!2017-01-18 
108Judge Judy's Message to Congress!; Homeless or Helpless?!2017-01-19 
109Trust the Judge: Get a Lawyer!; Pigs Don't Live in Houses!2017-01-20 
110Slander and Cheating?; The Vanishing Tax Refund2017-01-23 
111Charity Singer Gets Shafted?!; Handyman Drama2017-01-24 
112Sick Cat Travel Alert!; 96-Year-Old Wants What She Wants!2017-01-25 
113Inside Job?!; Senior Skip Day!2017-01-26 
114Quinceanera Party Fail?!; Rabbit Hutch Crunch!2017-01-27 
115Man Enraged by Police Arrest?!; The Biting Black Cat!2017-01-30 
116Bitter Custody Battle; Mechanic Mayhem2017-01-31 
117How Do You Support Yourself?!; Don't Cross the Yellow Line!2017-02-01 
118Bloody Assault at the Comedy Show!; Wedding Chapel Catastrophe!2017-02-02 
119Ex-Girlfriend Escape Caught on Tape!; Show Me the Money Trail!2017-02-02 
120Unbelievable Lawsuit!; Cheating, Guns and a Stolen Laptop?!2017-02-03 
121Shhh ... Don't Tell My Husband!; Cash up Front, Friend!2017-02-03 
122Boiling Water Poured on High Roommate?!; Tell the Truth!2017-02-06 
123Pregnancy False Alarm Vandal?!; Mustang Mishap2017-02-06 
124Repo Man Chased Down!; What's a Pyredoodle Puppy?!2017-02-07 
125Wild Pigs That Bite?!; Sinking Boat2017-02-07 
126A Mother's Revenge on Her Son's Ex?!; Homeless and Looking for Payback?!2017-02-08 
127Childcare Center Revenge?!; Man's Mani/Pedi Fail2017-02-08 
128Abuse of the Justice System?; You Should Know Better by Now!2017-02-09 
129Child Hit by Car!2017-02-09 
130Basketball, Lies and the Police!; Wedding Kiss and Make-Up?2017-02-10 
131Angry Brother Vandal?!; Don't Give Away My Cat!2017-02-10 
132Daughter Steals $10K From Mother?!; Hawaiian Cash Flow Fail!2017-02-13 
133Heartbreaking Mother/Daughter Identity Theft; Deer Takes Another Car Down!2017-02-13 
134Child Support Feud!; Don't Prey On My Daughter!2017-02-14 
135Exotic Fish Mass Funeral!; That's No Excuse for Driving Drunk!2017-02-14 
136Playing House With a Baby!; Bad Tempered Landlord?2017-02-15 
137Muzzle Your Pit Bull!; Rebellious Grandson Rent Control?!; I Should Have Let My Wife Speak!2017-02-15 
138Bookkeeper Caught Stealing!; Friend Bailout Bummer!2017-02-16 
139Good Samaritan or Stalking Friend?; Blindside Collision?2017-02-16 
140Off-Road Vehicle Swindle?!; Uninsured and Driving Drunk?!; Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!2017-02-17 
141Botched Wig Order?!; Casual Gambler Demands Payback!2017-02-17 
142If You Love Your Child ... Don't Do This!2017-02-20 
143Gun Play and a Knife Fight?!; Most Respectful Bad Driver Award!2017-02-20 
144BB Gun Playdate With Dad Gone Wrong!; Bullets and Boyfriends!2017-02-21 
145Stuck With the Bill Behind Bars?; Lyrical Lips Singer Scam?!2017-02-21 
146Voter Fraud and Rabbits?!; Judge Reveals Secret to Living Longer!2017-02-22 
147Stealing Power!; Rats in the House!2017-02-22 
148Professional Driver Crash!; The Ultimate Sister Betrayal!2017-02-23 
149High at Work? You're Fired!; I'm Just Trying to Get Home!; Raise Your Hand if You Were Sober!2017-02-23 
150Ex-Lover's Expensive Mistake!; Shoot My Dogs if You See Them!2017-02-24 
151Sick and Kicked Out?!; Child Attacked by Out of Control Dog?!; Friends Don't Loan to Friends!2017-02-24 
152Infant Breaks Leg in Daycare?!; Hair Straightening Trauma2017-02-27 
153Auto Accident with a Twist!; Mother Son Drama!2017-02-27 
154Creative Estate Planning Bust!; Watch Out for the Deer!2017-02-28 
155Fear in a Cramped Rental!; Clueless Landlord?!; Security Deposit Abuse?!2017-02-28 
156Foster Care Horror Story?!; Lose the Ring if You Don't Like Him!2017-03-01 
157Online Dating Fail!; Who's Telling the Truth?!; Restraining Order Roommates?!2017-03-01 
158Give Me My Prize Money!; Lesbian Marriage Fail2017-04-04 
159Internet Romeo Smackdown?!; Sweet 16 Party Upset!2017-04-06 
160Defective Pug Puppy?!; Salvaged Car Fraud?!2017-04-07 
161I Only Fear God and Judge Judy!; Fake Dreadlocks Disaster?!2017-04-10 
162Sister Brother Breakdown!; Neighborhood Hit and Run!2017-04-13 
163Eyelash and Tanning Business Bust?!; Surprise Evidence!2017-04-14 
164Mother Leaves Toddler in Car2017-04-27 
165Family Movers and the Police Chase!2017-04-27 
166Fraud and Forgery?!; Contractor Conman?2017-04-28 
167Dysfunctional Household?!; My Tenant, the Vandal?!2017-04-28 
168Man Suspects He's a Father!; Dog Custody Battle!2017-05-01 
169Lying Teen's False Imprisonment?!; Don't Be Late for Court!2017-05-01 
170Outrageous Mother on a Rampage?!; Child Support Nightmare2017-05-02 
171Father and Son Jail Time?!; Car Lot Bug!2017-05-02 
172Teen Fighting, Lying and Pregnancy?!; Alabama Landlord Shakedown2017-05-03 
173Trip to Italy Fail!; Super Bowl Overtime Controversy!2017-05-03 
174The Great Slot Machine Heist?!2017-05-04 
175Don't Be a Selfish Parent!; Paint Job or Scam Job?2017-05-04 
176Anger Mismanagement; Ex-Con Hook-Up Hijinx?!2017-05-05 
177Vacation Disaster!; New Franchise Owner Upset2017-05-05 
178Puppy Mill Advocacy Gone Wrong; Say No to the Dress... and the Married Man!2017-05-08 
179Mean Girls Stage an Intervention?!; TV Takes the Fall!2017-05-08 
180Ex-Boyfriend's Attack Caught on Video?!; Don't Act Like a Baby!; Failed Engagement Fallout2017-05-09 
181Beer Pong Gone Wrong?!; Woman Attacked During Beauty Treatment?!2017-05-09 
182Spaniel Mixed Blessings; Choking Scare at Day Care?!2017-05-10 
183Family Living in Car Seeks Driveway Rental?!2017-05-10 
184Stay Out of Big Limos, Lady!2017-05-11 
185Yorkie Struck and Killed!; Playing House Nightmare!2017-05-11 
186Vandalized Office, Mudslinging Business Partner?!; Don't Believe Everything You Read Online!2017-05-12 
187Harley Handshake Deal?!; Rottweiler Puppy Death Drama2017-05-12 
188Cousin Helping Cousin Catastrophe!; Don't Run Away if You Did Nothing Wrong!2017-05-15 
189Neighbor Nastiness Caught on Video!2017-05-15 
190Defibrillator Pawn Shop Shocker!; Mercedes-Benz Deal of the Century?!2017-05-16 
191Frantic 911 Call or Frenzied Fight?; Debt Payoff for Dud Car?!2017-05-16 
192Child Deprived of Food on Dad Day?!2017-05-17 
193What's a Broken Finger Between Brothers?; Car Theft or Goodwill Donation?; Skateboarder Lucky to Be Alive!2017-05-17 
194The Joy of Music... Murdered?!; It Was Not an Engagement Ring!2017-05-18 
195I Don't Have Rent... Take My Car!; Who Stalked Who?!2017-05-18 
196Landlord Lock Out?!; Wronged Man Returns for Justice?!2017-05-19 
197Damages From Police Invasion?!; Teens' Camaro Clash!2017-05-19 
198Couch-Surfing Son Sued by Mother?!; Retaliatory Freeway Brake Tapping?!2017-05-22 
199Great Childhood Friends, Lousy Roommates!; Short Temper, Long Rap Sheet!2017-05-22 
200Pomeranian Custody Battle!; Day Care Serial Conman?!2017-05-23 
201Remodel Fail in Old Hickory, Tennessee!; Woman's Weak Defense2017-05-23 
202Go Find Yourself Another Harlequin Great Dane!; Judge Judy Shares Her Husband's Approach to Telemarketers2017-05-24 
203Pregnant Ex-Lover Anger?!; Attending a Funeral or Arrested?2017-05-24 
204HOA President Accused of Leaks and Lies; Harley Motorcycle Work-to-Own Fail!2017-05-25 
205The Smell of 14 Cats in the Morning?!; Store Owner or Drug Dealer?!2017-05-25 
206All Expense Paid Trip to Trinidad?!; Handicapped Senior Accused of Raging Vandalism2017-05-26 
207Co-Worker Embarrasses Man Online; Ex Gets Short End of the Lizard Stick?!2017-05-26 
208Dangerous Football League?; Property Brothers They Are Not!2017-05-30 
209Boss Steals Worker's Car?!; Gimme Back My Camera!2017-06-05 
210Salon Thievery?!; You're an Idiot!2017-06-07 
211Don't Defame Your Contractor!; Deadbeat Dad?!2017-06-08 
212 Section 8 Housing Upset?!; Junkyard or Legit Auto Business?2017-06-12 
213Miniature Schnauzer Return Policy Problem!; Irritating Landlord or Lease-Breaking Tenant?; Caught in the Act?2017-06-29 
214Bedbug Battle!; Small Business Fail!2017-06-30 
215Outlandish Landlord Demands?!; Mushy Agreements and Alleged Child Abuse?2017-07-03 
216Mega Landlord Fail?!; On Again, Off Again Home?; Mother Daughter Feud!2017-07-03 
217You Made Me Lose My House!; Disgusting Dog Mess?!2017-07-04 
218Sneaky Boyfriend Discovery?!; Mommy Dearest Debt?2017-07-04 
219Home Not So Sweet Home!; Teen Custody Fight for Pit Bull; Party Profit Dispute!2017-07-07 
220Pocket Pit's Owner Attacked by Chow?!; Homeless Teen Meets Good Samaritan?; Back to Mommy2017-07-28 
22128 Police Visits in Two Weeks?!; Ex-Friend Repo Drama!2017-08-14 
222Someone Stole My Car!2017-08-14 
223Suspicious Church Fire Payday?!; Cabin Renovation Gone Wrong?2017-08-15 
224Costa Rican Vacation Con?!; Teen Mother vs. Godmother2017-08-15 
225Beauty School Dropout?2017-08-16 
226Car Payment Meets Child Support!; Unlucky Van Story2017-08-16 
227Let's Grow Marijuana?!; Woodworking Hobby Fail2017-08-17 
228House of Stolen Cards?!; Judge Discovers Tampering of Evidence?!2017-08-17 
229Lifetime Protective Order Against Neighbor?!2017-08-18 
230Defective Doberman?!; Minister of Mischief?!2017-08-18 
231Roommate Cat Fight?!; Pink Eye, Stink Eye!2017-08-21 
232Ex-Lover Restraining Order?!; Don't Show Me the Money!2017-08-21 
233Adoption Turmoil?!; Harassment and Deception?2017-08-22 
234Agoraphobic Dog-Owner Heartbreak!; Sob Story Payday?2017-08-22 
235Don't Steal My Little Sister's Money!2017-08-23 
236Mobile Home Towing Nightmare; Bed Bug Head Board!2017-08-23 
237Get Me On Oprah?!2017-08-24 
238Double Salary Snafu!2017-08-24 
239Grandparent Custody Shuffle; Dog Owners Must-See TV! Warning!2017-08-25 
240Going, Going ... Gone!; Grandmother's Payback?!2017-08-25 
241Take Your Anger Management Classes ... or Else!; Don't Let Friends Drive Your Car!2017-08-28 
242Deployment, a Dead Dog and a Crash?!; Good Samaritan or Social Security Thief?!; Roommates No More!2017-08-28 
243Daisy Duke Spinout!; Vacation Nightmare2017-08-29 
244Introducing ... the Attacking Chiweenie!; Expensive Hobby, Supportive Wife!2017-08-29 
245Suicide, Sadness and Life Insurance?; Move to Ohio Fail!2017-08-30 
246Dial 911 for Murder?!; Unfit for Children?!2017-08-30 
247Tree-Killing Mystery; You Just Don't Get It!; School Bus-Driving Mom Sues Son!2017-08-31 
248Kennedy Assassination Translation Fail!; Boiling Water Fight!2017-08-31 
249Duplex Confusion; Uber Roommate Argument2017-09-01 
250Home for Eight Children; Widow Payback?!2017-09-01 
251On Second Thought ... I'm Outta Here!; The Disabled Ex-Husband and the Trashed Convertible?!; Judge Judy Doesn't Believe You!2017-09-04 
252Hot Mess of a Long-Haired Cat?!; Shoddy Bathroom Remodel?2017-09-04 
253Custody Battle Chaos?!; Landscaping Grief2017-09-05 
254Caught Cheating?!; No Drinking, No Partying, No Random Boyfriends?!2017-09-05 
255All Sales Are Final!; One-of-a-Kind Hardwood Table Feud!2017-09-06 
256Dog Smashes Into Car?!; Domestic Violence and the Paint Job!?2017-09-06 
257Eyewitness to Hit and Run!; Botched Bridesmaid Dresses?!2017-09-07 
258Financial Elderly Abuse?!; Speeding, Crashing, Suing!2017-09-07 
259Man's Fuzzy Memory of Assault?!2017-09-08 
260Broken Jaw Party Foul!; Quick! Hide the Pontiac?!2017-09-08 

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