Judge Judy

Season 22                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Internet Obscenity Revenge?!; Wild Car Crash Caught on Tape!2017-09-11 
2Child Abuse by Mom's Boyfriend?!; Bail Out Gone Wrong2017-09-11 
3Wedding Ring Theft?; Don't Kiss Your Sister's Boyfriend!2017-09-12 
4Worms Coming Up Through Drain?!2017-09-12 
5Felony Kickbacks?!; Pomeranian Puppy Problem!2017-09-13 
6Vicious Call to Ex-Lover's Boss?!; Roommate Roulette2017-09-13 
7Last Will and Testament Surprise; Silent Partner Rip-Off?!2017-09-14 
8When Miniature Pinschers Attack!; If You Like Me ... Take Down Your Dating Profile!; Eviction Save!2017-09-14 
9Quick! Take This Homeless Baby?!; Single Mother Mayhem!2017-09-15 
10Harlequin Great Dane Rescue?!; Whatever You Do ... Don't Answer the Phone!2017-09-15 
11Heartthrob Concert Chaos!2017-09-18 
12Drugs, Kids and Feuding Parents; Childcare Drama; Drug Arrests and Friendship Tests2017-09-18 
13Teen Assaults Woman With Mace?; When Old Cats Attack2017-09-19 
14Don't Sell Dogs to Teenagers!; World's Worst Roommate?!2017-09-19 
15Sardines and Dr. Pepper Vandal!; Motorcycle T-Bone Crash!2017-09-20 
16Unwed Teen Parent Turmoil & CPS Visits2017-09-20 
17Mermaid Mural and Assault in the Yogurt Shop?!; Stylist Wars!2017-09-21 
18Got $42,000? Plane for Sale!2017-09-21 
19Family Business Money Triangle2017-09-22 
20Childcare Payback!; Expensive Phone -- Throwaway Boyfriend?!; Telephone Pole Crash!2017-09-22 
21Teen Joyriders Busted by Police!; Uninsured Boyfriend Destroys Car?!2017-09-25 
22Home Profits Snafu!; Can You Find the Scam?2017-09-26 
23You Can't Take the Fireplace With You!; Best Friend Split After Party Swipe!2017-09-27 
24Pekingese Chihuahua Mating Mess; Camper vs. Computer2017-09-28 
25I Will Never Help Another Soul Again!; Load a Bowl of Cannabis Vendetta?!; Oops! Lost My Checkbook!2017-09-29 
26Robbed by Lover While in Prison?!2017-10-16 
27Deliberate Finger Slam?!; I'm Not Paying for a Dry Wig!2017-10-17 
28Husky Attacks Bichon Frise?!; Sick Girlfriend Payback!2017-10-18 
29You Get What You Paint For!; Don't Fence Me In!2017-10-19 
30Baby's Ashes Stolen?!; Daughter's Bad Behavior Battle2017-10-20 
31Land Thief?!; Blown Stop Sign Slam?!; Fender Bender Battle!2017-10-20 
32Attack Victim Cradles Pit Bull Like a Baby?!; Two Lemon Cars Equals Lemonade?2017-10-23 
33Bullhorn Craziness Caught on Tape?!; Sublet Sorrow2017-10-24 
34Dogsitting Disaster!; Surprise! We're Squatters?!2017-10-25 
35Child Abuse Allegations and Assault? - Part 12017-10-26 
36Spiteful Grandpa?; Timber! Healthy Tree Takedown!2017-10-26 
37Street Cat Fight in Front of Children?! - Part 2; Young Waitress Dupes Older Man?2017-10-27 
38Slashed Tires and Stolen iPhone?; Moving Violation Bonanza!2017-10-27 
39Biker Tackled by Raging Motorist - Part 12017-10-30 
40Groom Gets Cold Feet on Wedding Day!; Landlord Game Changer2017-10-30 
41Injured Cyclist Screaming Like a Lunatic?! - Part 22017-10-31 
42Teen's Crash Cover-Up Story?!; Baby Daddy Called Home From Callie!2017-10-31 
43Drunk Man Rages Against Neighbor?!; Illegal Breeding?!2017-11-01 
44Make a Teenager Watch This Case!; Shot in the Arm While Driving!2017-11-01 
45When Friends Cut Friends?!; Judge Judy's Big Emergency Account?!2017-11-02 
46Homeless Ex Assaults TV?!; Massage Therapist Payback2017-11-02 
47Car Sale Gets Personal!; Father-to-Be Cheating on Mommy-to-Be?!2017-11-03 
48Don't Trust Men You Meet in a Supermarket?!; Flim Flam Car Sham?!; Mom Bails on Bail?!2017-11-03 
49Teenager Challenges Judge Judy!; Stolen Service Dog?!2017-11-06 
50It's All Very L.A.!; Mother Daughter Hair Care Fiasco?!2017-11-06 
51Electric Scooter Pet Collision!; Back and Forth Truck Fail!2017-11-07 
52Smoking, Squatting and Blaring Music?!; Assault Rifle Rift?!2017-11-07 
53Coming to America ... to Sue My Daughter!; Reckless Driver, Wrecked Car?2017-11-08 
54Man Pays Ex-Lover to Move Out?!; Wedding Venue Disaster!2017-11-08 
55Newlywed Yelps Against Caterer?!; Bride Hates Her Wedding Photos!2017-11-09 
56Officer Byrd Settles Case!; Dancing Beer Bottle to the Face!2017-11-09 
57Father Rescues Daughter From Predator Danger?!2017-11-10 
58Don't Miss Date Night!2017-11-10 
59Domestic Abuse or Working the System?!2017-11-13 
60Short Romance, Long Headache!; Sparrow Breaks Lease?; Amusement Park Pass Fraud?!2017-11-13 
61Generous Aunt, Ungrateful Niece?; Husky Attacks Yorkie?!2017-11-14 
62Give Me Back My Pomeranian!; Engagement Ring at Stake!; Boyfriend Embarrassment?2017-11-14 
63Here's $30K: Go Furnish the House!; Judge's Verdict on Prom Dress: Awful!2017-11-15 
64Single Mother Breaks House Rules; Father Steals From Incarcerated Son?!2017-11-15 
65Commission Mission!; Buddy Pass Fraud?!2017-11-16 
66Pants From Thailand for Sale!; Take My Loan Out of the Tip Jar!2017-11-16 
67Pick Axes and Sucker Punches?!2017-11-17 
68Teen Breaks Off Ankle Monitor!; Dangerous Dog Euthanized2017-11-17 
69Knife Fight! Part 1; Woman Stabs Herself in the Neck?!2017-11-20 
70From Homeless to Helpless?!; Hush Money?!2017-11-20 
71Knife Fight! Part 2; Food Stamp Treachery?2017-11-21 
72Security Guards Turned Roommates; Excuses Central!2017-11-21 
73Man Has No Clue Why Girlfriend Is Mad!; Remembrance of Trucks Past2017-11-22 
74Snake in the Basement!; Truck Driving School Payback!2017-11-22 
75Bedbugs, Roaches and Mold?; Hit and Run Payback2017-11-27 
76Show Me the Damage; Don't Trust Five-Star Reviews!2017-11-28 
77Ex-Heroin Addict Tire-Slashing Mother?; Use Car Exploitation2017-11-29 
78German Shepherd Attacks Chihuahua?; Houston Hurricane Damage?2017-11-30 
79Divorcees Duke It Out; Muslim Mudslinging2017-12-01 
80Bulldog Rescue Scam or Slander?2017-12-04 
81New Career: Flipping Cars!; Creative Judgment!2017-12-06 
82When Old Friends Become New Roommates; Frightened Painter Walks Off Job?2017-12-07 
83Unwed Parents Feud!; Twin Sisters, Huge Settlement?2017-12-08 
84Ambulance Ride Revisited; New ''Get Out of Jail'' Clothes2017-12-15 

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