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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Politics: Democratic National Convention Preview // Martin O'Malley // Antonio Villaraigosa2012-09-03 
2Politics: Democratic National Convention Analysis // DNC Cont'd // Political Advertising2012-09-04 
3Politics: Democratic National Convention Analysis // DNC Cont'd // DNC Cont'd2012-09-05 
4Politics: Democratic National Convention Analysis // DNC Cont'd // DNC Panel2012-09-06 
5Politics: Democratic National Convention Review // DNC Review Cont'd2012-09-07 
6David Leonhardt; Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations2012-09-10 
7Andy Murray; Bob Woodward2012-09-11 
8David Kirkpatrick & David Ignatius; Itamar Rabinovich; Michael Lewis2012-09-12 
9John Dickerson; David Brooks; Protests in Egypt and Libya2012-09-13 
10Gina Kolata; Arbitrage; Death and the Civil War2012-09-14 
11Salman Rushdie; Martin Amis2012-09-17 
12Dick Costolo; Bill Browder2012-09-18 
13Thomas L. Friedman; Turki Al-Faisal2012-09-19 
14IPhone 5; Jeffrey Toobin; Karen Elliott House2012-09-20 
15Aung San Suu Kyi; Wynton Marsalis and Garth Fagan; Chef Daniel Humm2012-09-21 
16Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt2012-09-24 
17Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia2012-09-25 
18Mario Monti; Laurent Fabius2012-09-26 
19Muhtar Kent, CEO of the Coca Cola Company; Actor Matt Damon & Gary White, Founders of On the Global Water Crisis2012-09-27 
20Bill Clinton; Tony Blair; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2012-09-28 
21Anders Fogh Rasmussen; a Discussion About the Barclays Center in Brooklyn2012-10-01 
22Riccardo Muti; David Milliband2012-10-02 
23Live Analysis of the Presidential Debate2012-10-03 
24Analysis of Last Night's Presidential Debate; Barbara Simons2012-10-04 
25Joseph Stiglitz; Chelsea Clinton2012-10-05 
26Thomas L. Friedman; David Sanger & Richard Haass On Foreign Policy; Lisa Randall2012-10-08 
27Evan Thomas; Isadore Sharp2012-10-09 
28Robert Kaplan; Lee Daniels; Stephen Shepard2012-10-10 
29Live Analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate2012-10-11 
30Felipe Calderon; Google Ventures; Brigitte Lacombe2012-10-12 
31Evan Osnos; Anouk Aimée, French Actress2012-10-15 
32Live Analysis of the Presidential Debate2012-10-16 
33John Harris; Leonard Slatkin; Michael Saylor2012-10-17 
34Valery Gergiev; Tyler Perry2012-10-18 
35An Hour With J. K. Rowling2012-10-19 
36Live Debate Analysis2012-10-22 
37The Future of Foreign Policy; Dexter Filkins2012-10-23 
38“The Economist” Editors Roundtable; Graydon Carter & Carol Blue On Christopher Hitchens2012-10-24 
39Nancy Pelosi2012-10-25 
40Judi Dench; Mario Testino2012-10-26 
41Books: “Silent House” // Art: The Pace Gallery // Lang Lang2012-10-29 
42Mark Halperin; Nate Silver2012-10-30 
43Robert Zemeckis & Denzel Washington; Sheila Bair2012-10-31 
44The Impact of Hurricane Sandy; Dr. Jonathan LaPook Sheila Bair; Alejandro Poiré Romero2012-11-01 
45Commissioner Ray Kelly; John Dickerson; a Discussion About the History and Future of Books2012-11-02 
46Presidential Election 2012 Preview2012-11-05 
47Where Is America in 20122012-11-06 
48William Daley; Doris Kearns Goodwin2012-11-07 
49Politics: Where is America in 2012? (Rebroadcast from 11/06/12)2012-11-08 
50The Heiress2012-11-09 
51Silver Linings Playbook; Nick Faldo2012-11-12 
52The David Petraeus Affair2012-11-13 
53Obama Press Conference // Movies: “Life of Pi”2012-11-14 
54Leadership in China; Tom Stoppard & Joe Wright2012-11-15 
55Jeff Bezos; Keira Knightley2012-11-16 
56Foreign Affairs: Benghazi Attacks // Benghazi Attacks Cnt’d // Theatre: “Harold Pinter, A Celebration”2012-11-19 
57Foreign Affairs: Gaza Conflict // Movies: “The Central Park Five”2012-11-20 
58A Look at Facebook2012-11-21 
59Books: “The Casual Vacancy”2012-11-22 
60Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 11: Pain2012-11-23 
61Warren Buffett & Carol Loomis2012-11-26 
62Justice Antonin Scalia2012-11-27 
63Marion Cotillard; Andrew Solomon; A Discussion About Prison Reform2012-11-28 
64Lakhdar Brahimi2012-11-29 
65A Rebroadcast of a Discussion About Winston Churchill2012-11-30 
66Syria // Foreign Affairs: Gaza Conflict2012-12-03 
67An Hour With Robert Gates2012-12-04 
68Julianna Goldman; Stuart Stevens, Republican Strategist2012-12-05 
69Zero Dark Thirty2012-12-06 
70Gustavo Dudamel; David Byrne2012-12-07 
71An Hour With Jeffrey Immelt2012-12-10 
72Downton Abbey; Garrison Keillor2012-12-11 
73Jake Tapper; Ian McEwan; Norm Ornstein2012-12-12 
74Movies: “Zero Dark Thirty”2012-12-13 
75Brain Series 2 Episode 12: Post-Traumatic Stress2012-12-14 
76Michael Bloomberg; Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut; Julian & Joaquin Castro2012-12-17 
77Ken Rogoff; Promised Land2012-12-18 
78George Osborne; Richard Stengel2012-12-19 
79George Stevens // Movies: “This Is 40” // Politics: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations2012-12-20 
80Movies: “Django Unchained”2012-12-21 
81Movies: “Les Miserables” // Movies: “The Impossible”2012-12-24 
82Charles Dickens at 2002012-12-25 
83Art: “Regarding Warhol” // Art: Damien Hirst Complete Spot Paintings, 1986 - 20112012-12-26 
84Great Food and Great Chefs2012-12-27 
85Conductors (clip show)2012-12-28 
86Why Shakespeare: “Macbeth” & “King Lear”2012-12-31 
87A Remembrance of People Who Died in 20122013-01-01 
88Mobile Technology // Radiolab2013-01-02 
89Twitter // Movies: “Not Fade Away”2013-01-03 
90David Letterman, Led Zeppelin2013-01-04 
91Politics: Fiscal Cliff // Politics: National Security Nominations2013-01-07 
92Books: “My Share of the Task”2013-01-08 
93Current Affairs: Military Torture // Ken Taylor2013-01-09 
94David Axelrod2013-01-10 
95Television: “Girls” // 85th Academy Awards Nominations2013-01-11 
96Politcs: Obama Press Conference // Hina Rabbani Khar2013-01-14 
97Current Affairs: Lance Armstrong // Current Affairs: Lance Armstrong Cnt’d // 2013 Political Risks Report2013-01-15 
98Current Affairs: Gun Control // Future of Technology2013-01-16 
99Foreign Affairs: Mali & Algeria Conflict // Foreign Affairs: Mali & Algeria Conflict Cnt’d // Books: “The Dude and the Zen Master”2013-01-17 
100Television: “Piers Morgan Tonight” 2013-01-18 
101Politics: Presidential Inauguration // Presidential Historians Panel Pt. 1 2013-01-21 
102James Taylor // Presidential Historians Panel Pt. 22013-01-22 
103Current Affairs: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Testimony // Foreign Affairs: Israeli Elections2013-01-23 
104Clarissa Ward; Jordanian Elections2013-01-24 
105An Hour With Dustin Hoffman2013-01-25 
106Sports: NFL Super Bowl XLVII // Theatre: “The Suit”2013-01-28 
107Movies: “Silver Linings Playbook” // Books: “Tenth of December: Stories”2013-01-29 
108Philanthropy; Microsoft; Technology 2013-01-30 
109Books: “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change”2013-01-31 
110Conversations from New Orleans // NFL Super Bowl XLVII2013-02-01 
111Tom Donilon2013-02-04 
112Books: “After the Music Stopped” // eBay2013-02-05 
113Books: “My Beloved World”2013-02-06 
114Movies: Beasts of the Southern Wild” // Allen Pizzey2013-02-07 
115Books: “America’s Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By” // The Theater for a New Audience2013-02-08 
116Jay Fishman; Adam Posen2013-02-11 
117State of the Union - LIVE // Current Affairs: US Economy2013-02-12 
118Dick Cheney2013-02-13 
119Movies: “Lincoln” // Movies: “Django Unchained2013-02-14 
120Mike Moritz // Box2013-02-15 
121Michelle Rhee / Carolina Herrera / Tom Hodge / Mickey Edwards2013-02-18 
122Crisis in Syri; Cyber Attacks2013-02-19 
123Madeleine Albright / Eric Goode / Garry Wills2013-02-20 
124Steven Brill / Nicolas Berggruen / Calvin Trillin2013-02-21 
1252013 Charlie Rose Oscar Special2013-02-22 
126Politics: Obama's Sequester // Movies: “Makers: Women Who Make America”2013-02-25 
127awrence Summers / Salman Khan2013-02-26 
128Sports: Carmelo Anthony // Books: “The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement”2013-02-27 
129Global Polio Eradication Initiative2013-02-28 
130Grand Central: 100 Years Grand // Marron Institute2013-03-01 
131Scarborough vs. Krugman2013-03-04 
132Sandra Day O’connor / Tariq Ramadan2013-03-05 
133Michael Porter / Reynold Levy2013-03-06 
135Brain Series II: Episode 13: Public Policy Implications of the New Science of Mind2013-03-08 
136Current Affairs: The Global Economy2013-03-11 
137Romano Prodi / Jay Bilas / Rebecca Rabinow2013-03-12 
138Current Affairs: Pope Francis I2013-03-13 
139Cardinal Timothy Dolan / Kevin Cullen / John Miller / Lawrence Wrigh2013-03-14 
140Current Affairs: Pope Francis I // Politics: Obama’s Economic Report // Samsung Galaxy S42013-03-15 
141Politics: Obama’s Mideast Trip // Books: “The AIG Story2013-03-18 
142Foreign Affairs: Cyprus Debt Crisis // Cyber Warfare // Politics: The Future of the GOP2013-03-19 
143Foreign Affairs: Syria // Foreign Affairs: Syria Cnt’d // Current Affairs: The Federal Reserve2013-03-20 
144Politics: Obama’s Jerusalem Speech // Technology: Big Data2013-03-21 
145Books: “Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama” // Iraq: 10 Years After2013-03-22 
146Current Affairs: Same Sex Marriage // Movies: “Gimme the Loot”2013-03-25 
147Bank of America2013-03-26 
148Current Affairs: US Airways Merger // Foreign Affairs: Libya // Sports: NCAA Sweet 162013-03-27 
149Carl Levin // Technology: Summly2013-03-28 
150Current Affairs: Drone Warfare // Foreign Affairs: Afghanistan2013-03-29 
151Current Affairs: Same Sex Marriage 2013-04-01 
152Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Theatre: “Lucky Guy” // Art: Marina Abramovic2013-04-02 
153Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Remembering Mike McAlary.2013-04-03 
154Books: “From Beirut to Jerusalem” // Books: “Brokers of Deceit: How the US Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East”2013-04-04 
155Women in the World Summit // Books: “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America” // Books: “The Soundtrack of My Life”2013-04-05 
156Remembering Margaret Thatcher // Remembering Roger Ebert2013-04-08 
157Books: “The Way of the Knife—The CIA, A Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth” // The Future of Media2013-04-09 
158Jack Nicklaus Part 12013-04-10 
159Current Affairs: Gun Control // Art: “Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925” // Theatre: “Belleville”2013-04-11 
160Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Jack Nicklaus Part 2 // Art: “L’Amour Fou”2013-04-12 
161Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Foreign Affairs: Venezuelan Elections2013-04-15 
162Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing Cont’d // Theatre: “Julius Ceasar”2013-04-16 
163Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Domestic Terrorism // Theatre: “Orphans”2013-04-17 
164Jason Allen; John Miller; Palaniappan Chidambaram2013-04-18 
165John Miller; Kara Swisher & Walter Mossberg; Richard Levin2013-04-19 
166Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Books: “Jacob's Folly: A Novel” // Yale University Pt. 22013-04-22 
167Philip Mudd; Michael Strahan2013-04-23 
168Magnus Carlsen // Paramount Pictures2013-04-24 
169Foreign Affairs: Chemical Weapons in Syria // Online Education2013-04-25 
170Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen; China's Superbank2013-04-26 
171Books: “Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America’s House in Order” // Foreign Affairs: Turkey 2013-04-29 
172Obama's First 100 Days; David Stern & Adam Silver2013-04-30 
173Financial Times’s 125th Anniversary // Books: “The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results”2013-05-01 
174Foreign Affairs: China // Article: The Hunt for Steve Cohen // Movies: “André Gregory: Before and After Dinner”2013-05-02 
175Harrison Ford // Shahid Khan2013-05-03 
176Foreign Affairs: Syrian Chemical Weapons // Foreign Affairs: Syrian Chemical Weapons Cnt’d // Books: “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success”2013-05-06 
177Politics: Obama’s Foreign Relations // Theatre: “Ring Cycle”2013-05-07 
178Theatre: “The Nance” // “Spring” Restaurant2013-05-08 
179Jason Chaffetz; Margaret Brennan; Vali Nasr2013-05-09 
180George W. Bush; Frank Savage; Philippe Petit2013-05-10 
181Books: “Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress” // America’s National Defense2013-05-13 
182Books: “To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation” // Books: “Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six”2013-05-14 
183Theatre: “Matilda: The Musical” // Books: “The Outsider: A Memoir”2013-05-15 
185Politics: White House Scandal // Books: “Inferno” // Movies: “Before Midnight”2013-05-17 
186Foreign Affairs: Syria’s Civil War // Current Affairs: The U.S. & China2013-05-20 
187Current Affairs: Oklahoma City Tornado // Audra McDonald2013-05-21 
188Books: “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success2013-05-22 
189Politics: Obama’s Counter-Terror Speech // Veteran Job Corps2013-05-23 
190VICE // Bill Gates2013-05-24 
191Theatre: “Lucky Guy”2013-05-27 
192Current Affairs: Chinese Cyberspies // Books: “Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life”2013-05-28 
193Politico // Tumblr2013-05-29 
194Paul Volcker; Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Robert Kaiser2013-05-30 
195Foreign Affairs: Middle East Conflict // Tim McCarver2013-05-31 
196Foreign Affairs: Conflict in Syria // Rahm Emanuel2013-06-03 
197Books: “Friend of the Court: On the Front Lines with the First Amendment” // Theatre: “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” // Movies: “Much Ado About Nothing”2013-06-04 
198Politics: Obama’s Personnel Changes // Books: ““The Center Holds: Obama and his Enemies” // Theatre: “Trip to Bountiful”2013-06-05 
199Politics: Xi Jinping U.S. Visit // Books: “Traps”2013-06-06 
200FCC and the Internet // Evernote2013-06-07 
201Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Politics: Obama and China // Jim Turley2013-06-10 
202Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Foreign Affairs: Turkey Unrests2013-06-11 
203John Galliano2013-06-12 
204Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Sports: Graeme McDowell2013-06-13 
205Sports: John McEnroe // Sports: U.S. Open // Books: “Rumsfeld's Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life”2013-06-14 
206President Barack Obama2013-06-17
207Books: “The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die” // Books: “The Unwinding – An Inner History of the New America”2013-06-18 
208Stephen Schwarzman2013-06-19 
209Jennifer Bradley and Bruce Katz/Vishaan Chakrabarti2013-06-20 
210Movies: “Unfinished Song” // Movies: “The Attack”2013-06-21 
211Current Affairs: NSA Leaks: The Aftermath // Movies: “Dirty Wars”2013-06-24 
212Current Affairs: The World’s Economy // Books: “TransAtlantic: A Novel”2013-06-25 
213Politics: SCOTUS // Bill Hader // Books: 2013-06-26 
214The Guardian // Current Affairs: 2045 Initiative2013-06-27 
215Venice Biennale // James Turrell2013-06-28 
216Foreign Affairs: Egypt Protests // Current Affairs: Federal Reserve // Music: Mark Neikrug2013-07-01 
217Minister Shinzo Abe. Johnny Depp2013-07-02 
218Continued Coverage of Protest in Egypt; Protests in Brazil2013-07-03 
219David McCullough2013-07-04 
220Bob Bowman; Christian Louboutin2013-07-05 
221Bill Moyers2013-07-08 
222Egypt; NSA; Eliot Spitzer2013-07-09 
223Immigration Reform; Morality in Politics2013-07-10 
224Foreign Policy; Jonathan Karl and Michael Beschloss; Teddy Goff2013-07-11 
225Frank Bruni; Summer Movies2013-07-15 
226The BRAIN Initiative2013-07-15 
227Trayvon Martin Verdict; David Rockwell2013-07-16 
228Mark Leibovich; Joshua Sapan2013-07-07 
229Jack Nicklaus2013-07-18 
230Tom Friedman; Colum McCann; Jamers Turell2013-07-19 
231Steve Rattner; Peter King; Tulsi Gabbard2013-07-22 
232Cate Blanchett2013-07-23 
233President Obama's Economy Speech2013-07-24 
234Middle East Peace Initiative; Bruno Wu & Thomas Middelhoff2013-07-25 
235Nate Silver; David Carr2013-07-26 
236Anthony Weiner Texting Scandal; SAC Capital Hedge Fund Case; Chris Fischer2013-07-29 
237The Bradley Manning Trial; Egypt2013-07-30 
238Vince Gilligan2013-07-31
239Max Levchin2013-08-01 
240Jeffrey Goldberg; Street Artist JR2013-08-02 
241Iran; Embassy Closings; Atul Gawande2013-08-05 
242Dan Balz; Hugh Laurie2013-08-06 
243Lee Daniels' The Butler2013-08-07 
244Breaking Bad2013-08-08 
245Ashton Kutcher; Jeff Smisek2013-08-09 
246John Oliver2013-08-12 
247Bill Ackman; Jason Dufner2013-08-13 
248Crisis in Egypt; Steve Cohen; Julian Guthrie2013-08-14 
249An Hour With Larry Ellison2013-08-15 
250Jeremy Stoppelman2013-08-16 
252Kevin Spacey / The Paris Review Turns 60 2013-08-20 
255David Letterman, Elmore Leonard, Andy Murray2013-08-23 
258The 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington2013-08-28 
260Comedian John Oliver of Comedy Central's The Daily Show.2013-08-30 

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