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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Petraeus Report Pt. 2 / Conversation with Chris Dodd2007-09-10 
2Further discussion about the Petraeus / Crocker testimony / Part 2 of a conversation with Chris Dodd.2007-09-11 
3“The Brave One” / Conversation about President Bush2007-09-12 
4Bush Speech Analysis (LIVE) / Ben Foster2007-09-13 
5General David Petraeus2007-09-14 
6Ian McKellen // David Manning2007-09-17 
7Orhan Pamuk // Floyd Norris2007-09-18 
8Science Series, Episode Nine: Heart Disease2007-09-19 
9Alan Greenspan book, “The Age of Turbulence: Adentures in a New World”2007-09-20 
10“Into the Wild” film2007-09-21 
11A conversation with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2007-09-24 
12A conversation with Prince Saud al-Faisal and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni2007-09-25 
13A conversation with Luiz Lula da Silva2007-09-26 
14A conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan2007-09-27 
15A conversation with the Emir of Qatar and the President of the Republic of Georgia2007-09-28 
16Nicholas Burns // Rick Atkinson2007-10-01 
17Pranab Mukherjee / Nandan Nilekani2007-10-02 
18Chris Hill / Alan Alda / Herbert Muschamp Obit.2007-10-03 
19New Line Cinema, 40th Anniversary2007-10-04 
20A conversation with Counterinsurgenncy expert David Kilcullen2007-10-05 
21John F. Burns / Julie Taymor2007-10-08 
22British Commissioner of the European Union for Trade / Natalie Dessay2007-10-09 
23“Michael Clayton” / “Into the Wild”2007-10-10 
24Sirius and XM Radio
25Cate Blanchett / Napolitano & Palin2007-10-12 
26Erik Prince
27Samantha Power / Mark Penn2007-10-16 
28US Deputy Secretary of State / Annie Lennox2007-10-17 
30“No Country for Old Men” / “Sleuth”2007-10-19 
31The Director of the CIA2007-10-22 
32General Michael Hayden / Jeffrey Toobin2007-10-23 
33Tavis Smiley, Cornel West / Jim Lehrer2007-10-24 
34Hans Blix2007-10-25 
35“Dan In Real Life” / “The Darjeeling Limited”2007-10-26 
36Charlie Rose Science Series Episode Ten: Global Health2007-10-29 
37The Director General of the IAEA2007-10-30 
38Arianna Huffington / “Fair Game”2007-10-31 
39Mike Huckabee2007-11-01 
40“American Gangster”2007-11-02 
41Jerry Seinfeld2007-11-05 
42A conversation about soft power2007-11-06 
43Bill Richardson2007-11-07 
44Jeff Immelt / Directors of “No Country for Old Men”2007-11-08 
45Jay –Z / “American Gangster”2007-11-09 
46Jeremy Greenstock / Saad Eskander / Kay Bailey Hutchison2007-11-12 
47An appreciation of Norman Mailer 2007-11-13 
48General William “Kip” Ward / “Raising Sand”2007-11-14 
49Joni Mitchell2007-11-15 
50“No Country for Old Men” /// Michael Korda2007-11-16 
51Jeff Bezos2007-11-19 
52Charlie Rose Science Series, Episode Eleven: Sexuality2007-11-20 
53Karl Rove2007-11-21 
54“My Last Supper” /// Mike Oreskes2007-11-22 
55Charlie Rangel / Barney Frank2007-11-23 
56Foreign Affairs of Egypt / Foreign and European affairs2007-11-26 
57John McCain2007-11-27 
58Hunter S. Thompson / Rudolf Nureyev2007-11-28 
59John Edwards2007-11-29 
60“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” / “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”2007-11-30 
61Topic : paintings - J.M.W. Turner / Pablo Picasso2007-12-03 
62Fred Thompson2007-12-04 
63David Sanger, Vali Nasr / Tom Perkins2007-12-05 
64Mitt Romney’s Address / UN Ambassador from Iran2007-12-06 
65Iran’s Ambassador to the UN part two / “The Golden Compass”2007-12-07 
68Steve Martin2007-12-12 
69“The Kite Runner” / Saad Mohseni2007-12-13 
70“Giving: How Each of us Can Change the World”2007-12-14 
71Brad Pitt2007-12-17 
72“Inside Inside” / “Frost/Nixon”2007-12-18 
73Time Magazine’s Person of The Year / “Bridge of Sighs”2007-12-19 
74Science series panel on diseases of the brain.2007-12-20 
75“There Will be Blood”2007-12-21 
76Gomes’ / Sarah Sewall and Montgomery McFate2007-12-24 
77Dr. Alain Carpentier / Craig Venter2007-12-25 
78Paul Krugman / Randall Robinson2007-12-26 
79Bill and Hillary Clinton / Tom DeFrank 2007-12-27 
80William F. Buckley / Naomi Klein2007-12-28 
81Akiva Eldar / Naomi Chazan / Ramachandra Guha2007-12-31 
82An appreciation of those who died in 20072008-01-01 
83The Harlem Children’s Zone / David Yepsen2008-01-02 
84Live coverage of the Iowa Caucus2008-01-03 
85Politics after Iowa2008-01-04 
86A preview of the New Hampshire Primary2008-01-07 
87Live show on the results of the New Hampshire Primary2008-01-08 
88Alissa Rubin/Madeleine Albright/Saad Mohseni2008-01-09 
89Middle East / Muhammad Yunus2008-01-10 
90The Economy / Philip Pullman2008-01-11 
91Clyburn / Race and Gender Panel2008-01-14 
92Alex Ross / Marin Alsop2008-01-15 
93A discussion about the Middle East / Update on Republican Politicas After Michigan2008-01-16 
94Abdullah Abdullah / Jacob Weisberg2008-01-17 
95Charles Tangel / economy and football2008-01-18 
96“Mirror to America”2008-01-21 
97Douglas Lute / Heath Ledger Remembrance2008-01-22 
98Google / Macworld2008-01-23 
99Orhan Pamuk / E.L. Doctorow2008-01-24 
100Jerry Seinfeld (Rebroadcast from 11/5/07) / Steve Martin (Rebroadcast from 12/12/07)2008-01-25 
101The State of the Union Address2008-01-28 
102John Grisham “The Appeal”2008-01-29 
103Presidential Election / Secretary of the Treasury2008-01-30 
104An hour with Julian Schnabel2008-01-31 
105Microsoft & Yahoo / A preview of Super Bowl XLII / Super Bowl advertisements2008-02-01 
106Harold Ford, Jr. / Human Cloning2008-02-04 
107Live Coverage of Super Tuesday2008-02-05 
108Super Tuesday Review / “In Bruges” / Alice Waters2008-02-06 
109Laura Bush / Fashion Week2008-02-07 
110John McCain / Yahoo2008-02-08 
111Willie Brown / Valentin Fuster2008-02-11 
112“The Nation” / Richard Branson2008-02-12 
113Sam Nunn & William Cohen / Damien Hirst2008-02-13 
114Salam Fayyad / Winner of 2008 Westminster Best in Show, Uno2008-02-14 
115Martin Feldstein / “Jumper”2008-02-15 
116Susan Hockfield / Chris Anderson / Dr. Arden Bement2008-02-18 
117There Will Be Blood & No Country For Old Men2008-02-19 
118Antonio Villaraigosa2008-02-20 
119A discussion about John McCain / A conversation with Samantha Power2008-02-21 
120A discussion about Kosovo / A preview of the 2008 Oscars2008-02-22 
121An update on Pakistan / An update on France2008-02-25 
122Timothy Garton Ash, Alistair Horne and John Burns2008-02-26 
123An Appreciation of William F. Buckley2008-02-27 
124Nancy Pelosi / Kishore Mahbubani2008-02-28 
125A discussion about Russia / A conversation with Lorin Maazel2008-02-29 
126A conversation with Tom Daschle / A conversation with Harold Ickes2008-03-03 
127Live coverage of the Primaries2008-03-04 
128Gabriel Byrne2008-03-05 
129Chris Anderson / Michael Arrington2008-03-06 
130Martin Rees / Dr. Stephen Hawking & Lucy Hawking 2008-03-07 
131A tribute to William F. Buckley2008-03-10 
132A discussion about Eliot Spitzer / A discussion about Adm. William Fallon’s resignation2008-03-11 
133Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff2008-03-12 
134Lieutenant General William Caldwell / Andrea Jung / Steven Pinker2008-03-13 
135A discussion about the economy / Al Hunt2008-03-14 
136Bear Stearns / Lawrence Summers / Robin Wright2008-03-17 
137Paul Volcker / Barack Obama’s speech on race2008-03-18 
138Les Gelb / George Packer2008-03-19 
139Richard Engle / the five year anniversary of the invasion of Irak / Tibet2008-03-20 
140David McCullough2008-03-21 
141Ian McShane / Peter O’Toole / An Appreciation of Anthony Minghella2008-03-24 
142John Hofmeister / Bat populations in the US2008-03-25 
143Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania / Thomas Keller2008-03-26 
144Arlen Specter / Vitaly Churkin2008-03-27 
145A discussion about the economy / Senator Chuck Hagel / Integrative Health2008-03-28 
146Dr. Patrick Walsh / John Snow / An appreciation of photojournalist Dith Pran2008-03-31 
147Ted Turner2008-04-01 
148Pete Peterson2008-04-02 
149David Axelrod / NCAA Final Four / Steve Coll2008-04-03 
150The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.2008-04-04 
151Charlie Rose Science Series, Episode Thirteen: The Imperative of Science2008-04-07 
152Petraeus Hearings Discussion / wowowow.com2008-04-08 
153Iraq Discussion2008-04-09 
154George Soros / Helen Mirren2008-04-10 
155George Clooney / Norah Jones2008-04-11 
156Pennsylvania Primary: Sen. Bob Casey / Klein and Polman / T.R. Reid2008-04-14 
157Cokie Roberts / Mikhail Baryshnikov2008-04-15 
158Jeffrey Sachs / Richard Price2008-04-16 
159Michael Bloomberg & Arnold Schwarzenegger2008-04-17 
160Pope Benedict XVI Visit to the US / Michael Kinsley2008-04-18 
161Howard Fineman / Millard Drexler2008-04-21 
162Live coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary2008-04-22 
163A Pennsylvania primary follow-up / A conversation with A.G. Lafley2008-04-23 
164A conversation with George Schultz / A conversation with Charlie Wilson2008-04-24 
165A conversation with John D. Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State2008-04-25 
166A conversation with former President Jimmy Carter / A conversation with Jan Egeland2008-04-28 
167James Clyburn / Sally Quinn, Floyd Flake2008-04-29 
168Gov. Mike Easley / Arianna Huffington2008-04-30 
169Fareed Zakaria2008-05-01 
170Meghan O’Sullivan / Nan Rosenthal2008-05-02 
171Microsoft & Yahoo / Primary Preview / Patrick Stewart2008-05-05 
172Live coverage of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries2008-05-06 
173Design and The Elastic Mind2008-05-07 
174A conversation with Bill Moyers2008-05-08 
175Susan C. Schwab / Bernard-Henri Levy & Umberto Eco2008-05-09 
176Relief efforts in Myanmar / Randi Weingarten 2008-05-12 
177John Harwood and Jerry Seib / Jonathan Zittrain2008-05-13 
178Jeremy Greenstock / Michael Rose2008-05-14 
179Robert Kagan / Parag Khanna2008-05-15 
180Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez / An appreciation of Robert Rauschenberg2008-05-16 
181David Miliband / Bartlett Sher 2008-05-19 
182Senator Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Malignant Brain Tumor / Jeff Zucker 2008-05-20 
183Sandy Weill / Kurt Andersen2008-05-21 
184“Recount” / Garry Wills / An appreciation of Hamilton Jordan2008-05-22 
185An hour with Fred Smith, Founder & CEO, Fedex2008-05-23 
186A conversation with Ted2008-05-26 
187Peter Matthiessen / Edward Albee / Jhumpa Lahiri2008-05-27 
188An appreciation of Sydney Pollack / A appreciation of Chuck Fruit2008-05-28 
189'Sex and the City' / Martha Sherrill2008-05-29 
190Col. H.R. McMaster / Philip Bobbitt2008-05-30 
191Middle East: Sir Lawrence Freedman and Aaron David Miller2008-06-02 
192A Conversation with George Will2008-06-03 
193Election Discussion / Richard Engel2008-06-04 
194Pritzker Prize Architecture Panel2008-06-05 
195Big Brown’s pursuit of the Triple-Crown / A conversation with Tony Judt2008-06-06 
196A conversation with Luca di Montezemolo / A conversation with CBS’s Jim Nantz2008-06-09 
197A discussion about the price of Oil / Misha Glenny2008-06-10 
198Interview Magazine Celebrates Andy Warhol / Tom Wolfe2008-06-11 
199Middle East Discussion / Rose Styron2008-06-12 
200Tim Russert Appreciation2008-06-13 
201Emanuel Brothers / Lance Armstrong / Sue Williams2008-06-16 
202Nasr, Gordon, Biddle / Ahmed Rashid2008-06-17 
203Reed / Mirisch / Gerber2008-06-18 
204Fred Krupp / Connie Britton2008-06-19 
205Justice Antonin Scalia2008-06-20 
206Scott Shane / Terrence Wrong / George Carlin Obit.2008-06-23 
207Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson / Michael Mandelbaum2008-06-24 
208Zimbabwe Election / Emmylou Harris2008-06-25 
209North Korea Developments / Peter Levene2008-06-26 
210Obama-Clinton Campaigning / Daniel Yergin2008-06-27 
211Pakistan / Salman Rushdie2008-06-30 
212Education: Bob Wise / Wendy Kopp2008-07-01 
213Naguib Sawiris / Clay Felker Appreciation2008-07-02 
214Judith Jamison /// Duke and Duke Biddle2008-07-03 
215David McCullough2008-07-04 
216Jamie Dimon, Part One2008-07-07 
217Baker and Christopher / Jamie Dimon, Part Two2008-07-08 
218Ted Koppel / Jim Courier2008-07-09 
219Teachers of the Year Panel2008-07-10 
220Nicholson Baker / Virunga Gorillas2008-07-11 
221Election Update / Michelle Rhee2008-07-14 
222Economy: Sloan and Morgenson / Amory Lovins2008-07-15 
223David Remnick / David Simon2008-07-16 
224An Hour with Neil Young2008-07-17 
225Nelson Mandela Discussion2008-07-18 
226Senator Jim Webb2008-07-21 
227David Chang2008-07-22 
228Tobacco / iPhone / Ken Pollack2008-07-23 
229Obama’s Overseas Trip / El-Erian2008-07-24 
230“Step Brothers” / Lewis Black2008-07-25 
231Admiral William Fallon / Mad Men2008-07-28 
232Genetics: Francis Collins / Church, Agus, Ornish2008-07-29 
233Gov. Tim Kaine2008-07-30 
234Barbara Walters2008-07-31 
235Pakistan: Husain Haqqani / Farahnaz Ispahani /// Mark Mazzetti2008-08-01 
236Peter Chernin2008-08-04 
237Woodruff / Lockhart / Pineapple Express2008-08-05 
238Imran Khan / Pete Sampras2008-08-06 
239Elegy: Cruz, Hopper, Coixet / Thurgood: Fishburne, Stevens2008-08-07 
240Holbrooke / Pan & Kahn / Economy2008-08-08 
241Russia/Georgia Conflict / Don Keough2008-08-11 
242Vitaly Churkin / James Hansen / Wole Soyinka2008-08-12 
243Jane Mayer / Philip Gourevitch2008-08-13 
244Princeton Economists / Austan Goolsbee2008-08-14 
245Ben Stiller / Car Design2008-08-15 
246GM: Rick Wagoner2008-08-18 
247GM: Lutz, Kruse, and Boniface2008-08-19 
248Francesco Clemente / Bernie Mac Obit.2008-08-20 
249John Hickenlooper / Leah Daughtry / David Carr2008-08-21 
250Mahmoud Ahmadinejad2008-08-22 
251DNC – Live from Denver2008-08-25 
252DNC Live from Denver2008-08-26 
253DNC Live from Denver2008-08-27 
254DNC Live from Denver (last of four)2008-08-28 
255The Life and Legacy of Lyndon Johnson2008-08-29 
256RNC - Live2008-09-01 
257RNC - Live2008-09-02 
258RNC – Live from Saint Paul2008-09-03 
259RNC – Live from Saint Paul2008-09-04 
260Adam Nagourney / Memory Study / Islam Discussion2008-09-05 

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