The Trench Detectives

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Loos2006-08-16  
1 x 2Passchendaele2006-08-23  
1 x 3Serre2006-08-30  
1 x 4Ypres2006-09-06  
1 x 5Beaumont Hamel2006-09-13  
2 x 1Man and Horse2009-06-15  
2 x 2Codename Tank2009-06-16  
2 x 3The Wedding Rings2009-06-22  
2 x 4Barnardo Boy2009-06-23  
2 x 5A Silent Witness2009-06-29  
2 x 6A Secret Trench And Mystery Officer2009-06-30  
2 x 7Buried Alive2009-07-06  
2 x 8Highland Warrior2009-07-07