Masha and the Bear

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1How They Met2009-05-01  
1 x 2Don't Wake Till Spring2009-06-03  
1 x 3One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree!2009-08-01  
SpecialChristmas Song 
1 x 4Springtime for Bear2009-09-30  
1 x 5Gone Fishing2009-11-06  
SpecialSong about Friendship 
1 x 6Tracks of Unknown Animals2010-01-13  
SpecialSong of the Tracks 
1 x 7Prances with Wolves2010-04-01  
1 x 8Call Me Please!2010-04-02  
1 x 9Jam Day2010-06-11  
1 x 10Holiday On Ice2010-08-05  
1 x 11First Day at School2010-09-07  
1 x 12No Trespassing2010-10-27  
1 x 13Hide and Seek is Not For the Weak2010-12-11  
1 x 14Watch Out!2011-01-25  
1 x 15Little Cousin2011-05-26  
1 x 16Get Well Soon2011-04-28  
1 x 17Recipe for Disaster2011-04-29  
1 x 18Laundry Day2011-07-26  
1 x 19The Grand Piano Lesson2011-11-20  
1 x 20Stripes and Whiskers2011-11-21  
1 x 21Home Alone2011-11-24  
1 x 22Breathe In, Breathe Out2012-01-05  
1 x 23The Foundling2012-03-06  
1 x 24Bon App├ętit2012-04-24  
1 x 25Hocus-Pocus2012-05-31  
1 x 26Construction In Progress2012-06-06  
2 x 1Oil Painting2012-07-07  
2 x 2Knight's move2012-11-30  
2 x 3Hit of The Season2012-11-30  
2 x 4Growth Vitamin2013-03-07  
2 x 5Swept away2013-04-21  
2 x 6All in the family2013-05-28  
2 x 7La Dolce Vita2013-06-02  
2 x 8Just shoot me2013-08-24  
2 x 9Kidding Around2013-09-03  
2 x 10Two Much2013-10-15  
2 x 11Bon voyage2013-11-14  
2 x 12Trading Places Day2013-12-30  
2 x 13The Thriller Night2014-01-26  
2 x 14Terrible Power2014-03-22  
2 x 15Hats Off2014-04-08  
2 x 16And Action!2014-04-25  
2 x 17Self-Made Hero2014-06-06  
2 x 18Once in a Year!2014-07-25  
2 x 19Complicated Story2014-08-29  
2 x 20Dance Teacher!2014-10-09  
2 x 21Scream Victory2014-12-18  
2 x 22Cave Bear2015-02-02  
2 x 23Dear Show2015-04-03  
2 x 24Harvest Festival2015-05-05  
2 x 25Home-Grown Ninjas2015-07-02  
2 x 26See You Later2015-09-02  
3 x 1Coming Home ain't Easy2015-11-28  
3 x 2In a Fairy Tale2015-12-31  
3 x 3Hey, Let's Ride!2016-02-22  
3 x 4Scary As Death!2016-03-16  
3 x 5On A Camping Trip2016-06-25  
3 x 6Cat and Mouse2016-08-26  
3 x 7Game Over2016-10-12  
3 x 8At your service!2016-11-17  
3 x 9Do not part with your beloved!2016-12-23  
3 x 10Sleep, my darling, sleep!2017-02-03  
3 x 11Surprise! Surprise!2017-03-31  
3 x 12Three Mashketeers2017-05-19  
3 x 13Contact!2017-07-14  
3 x 14Tee for Three2017-08-31