Spider-Man (1978)

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!1978-05-17  
1 x 2Mysterious World! The Man Lives to Fate1978-05-24  
1 x 3Mysterious Thief 001 VS. Spiderman1978-05-31  
1 x 4The Terrifying Half Mer-Man! Calling the Miracle Silver Thread1978-06-07  
1 x 5Crash Machine GP-7! The Oath Siblings1978-06-14  
1 x 6Shuddering Laboratory! Devilish Professor Monster1978-06-21  
1 x 7Fearful Hit Tune! Song Dancing Murder Rock1978-06-28  
1 x 8Once Upon a Time in the Mysteriousless World: The Cursed Cat Mound1978-07-05  
1 x 9Motion Accessory is a Loveful Beetle Insect Spy1978-07-12  
1 x 10To the Flaming Hell: See the Tears of the Snake1978-07-19  
1 x 11Professor Monster's Ultra Poisoning1978-07-26  
1 x 12Transformation To A Splendid Murder Machine1978-08-02  
1 x 13Skull Gang VS. The Devil's Hearse1978-08-09  
1 x 14Dedicate the Song of the Powerless Brave to My Father1978-08-16  
1 x 15Our Promise of Life1978-08-23  
1 x 16Clever Dog, Run Back to Dad!1978-08-30  
1 x 17Tears of Samson, The Professional Wrestler1978-09-06  
1 x 18The Boy Who Restores His Faith In His Mother1978-06-13  
1 x 19Phantom Boy and a Village that Doesn't Exist on a Map1978-09-20  
1 x 20Riddle: Calling the Riddle of My Secret Birth1978-09-27  
1 x 21Father's Love Sparkles in the Sky1978-10-04  
1 x 22Tears of a Dark Fate for a Father and a Daughter1978-10-11  
1 x 23A School of Love for Children Without Homes1978-10-18  
1 x 24Cockroach Boy: Great War1978-10-25  
1 x 25The Treasure, The Dog and The Body Double1978-11-01  
1 x 26The Fake Hero in a Treacherous Predicament1978-11-08  
1 x 27Farewell War Buddy: Beloved German Shepherd1978-11-15  
1 x 28The Front of the Alley: Boys' Detective Group1978-11-22  
1 x 29Hurry, GP-7: Time of Stop Sign1978-11-29  
1 x 30Good Luck, Beautiful Police Officer1978-12-06  
1 x 31There Is No Child-Taking Detective Tomorrow1978-12-13  
1 x 32Sweet Whispering Enchantress1978-12-20  
1 x 33The Boy Teases the Horrible Wild Girl1978-12-27  
1 x 34Surprising Camera: Murderous Event1979-01-10  
1 x 35From the Unexplored Amazon: Here Comes the Mummified Beautiful Woman1979-01-17  
1 x 36The Onion Silver Mask and the Boys' Detective Group1979-01-31  
1 x 37From the Secret Messenger of Hell: Great King Enma1979-02-07  
1 x 38The First Tin Plate Evening Star and the Boys' Detective Group1979-02-14  
1 x 39Sports World: One Great Meeting1979-02-21  
1 x 40Farewell Zero Battle Tricks1979-03-07  
1 x 41The Hero's Shining Hot Blood1979-03-14  
SpecialThe Movie1978-07-22