Billy on the Street

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1And Away We Go...2011-12-18  
1 x 2Are You Smarter Than a Gay 5th Grader?2011-12-22  
1 x 3Can Rachel Dratch Name 20 White People in 30 Seconds?2011-12-29  
1 x 4The Meryl Streep Showdown2012-01-05  
1 x 5Ask an Asian!2012-01-12  
1 x 6Where in the World is Scarlett Johansson's Vagina?2012-01-19  
1 x 7Joan Rivers Gets Quizzed in the Face2012-01-26  
1 x 8Drunk Rich2012-02-02  
1 x 9Did You Hear Madonna Died?2012-02-09  
1 x 10Television is the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Me!2012-02-16  
SpecialBilly on the Street: Oscars Edition2012-02-24 
2 x 1Name Three White People!, with Rashida Jones2012-12-07  
2 x 2Scream For An American Girl Doll2012-12-14  
2 x 3Billy Meets Mr. Singh!2012-12-21  
2 x 4The Lesbian Lightning Round2013-01-04  
2 x 5The Julia Robstacle Course2013-01-18  
2 x 6Do You Think Gisele Bundchen Understands The Jokes On Portlandia?2013-01-25  
2 x 7It’s Spock - Do You Care?2013-02-01  
2 x 8Whistleblow That Jew!2013-02-08  
2 x 9It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!2013-02-15  
2 x 10Billy in the Air!2013-02-22  
2 x 11The Humpty Hump!2013-03-01  
2 x 12The Rally To Raise Awareness Of Nicole Kidman2013-03-08  
3 x 1Olivia Wilde Is Very Pretty and You’re All Disgusting!2014-03-12  
3 x 2Cash Cow2014-03-19  
3 x 3Billy Destroys a Car2014-03-26  
3 x 4She Clucks or She Sucks?2014-04-02  
3 x 5Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?2014-04-09  
3 x 6When The Easter Bunny Attacks!2014-04-16  
3 x 7It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler2014-04-23  
3 x 8Billy Loves Ratatouille2014-04-29  
3 x 9John Mayer Or Pepé Le Pew2014-05-07  
3 x 10The Lana Del Race for the Cure2014-05-14  
4 x 1Billy Helps Tina Fey Find A Friend2015-10-08  
4 x 2For A Dollar, It's Chris Pratt!2015-10-15  
4 x 3Anna Kendrick's 'Tinder In Real Life' Lightning Round!2015-10-22  
4 x 4Billy Plays "Is Beyonce Scared of That?" With Jason Sudeikis2015-10-29  
SpecialWould You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?, with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler (Compilation Show)2015-11-05 
4 x 5 Shondaland! With Bill Hader and Amy Sedaris2015-11-12  
4 x 6Billy's Thanksgiving Parade!2015-11-19  
4 x 7The Julianne Moore Acting Attack!2015-12-03  
4 x 8Christmas on the Street With Will Ferrell!2015-12-10  
4 x 9Sex on the Street With Sarah Jessica Parker2015-12-17  
4 x 10Elena Vs. Her Sister2015-12-31  
5 x 1Immigrant or Real American? with Jon Hamm!2016-11-15  
5 x 2Death Rogen with Special Guest Seth Rogen!2016-11-22  
5 x 3Lupita Nyong'o: Bring the Pain2016-11-29  
5 x 4Miracle on 34th Streep with Andy Samberg!2016-12-06  
5 x 5Aziz on the Street!2016-12-13  
5 x 6Billy's Holiday Wonderland with Jacob Tremblay!2016-12-20  
5 x 7Do Gay People Care About John Oliver? with John Oliver!2017-01-03  
5 x 8Curbside Conga Line with James Corden2017-01-10  
5 x 9Super Sloppy Semi-Automatic Double Dare! with Keegan-Michael Key2017-01-17  
5 x 10The NY Bubble with Stephen Colbert!2017-01-24  
SpecialBilly on the Street: Political Comedy!2017-02-20