Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Trash to Cash2015-07-15  
1 x 2Just Killin' It2015-07-15  
1 x 3Reap What You Sew2015-07-22  
1 x 4Smells Like Money2015-07-22  
1 x 5A Whole Can of Worms2015-07-29  
1 x 6Through the Roof2015-07-29  
1 x 7Out of the Ashes2015-08-05  
1 x 8Money Grows on Trees2015-08-05  
2 x 1The Flooring King2017-01-04  
2 x 2The Legend of Mickey Redwine2017-01-04  
2 x 3Married with Gators2017-01-11  
2 x 4Tow Fetish2017-01-11  
2 x 5Seeing Green2017-01-18  
2 x 6The Millionaire Chimney Sweep2017-01-25  
2 x 7Soldier of Fortune2017-02-01  
2 x 8The Mammoth Hunter2017-02-08  
2 x 9I'll Never Tire of It2017-02-15  
2 x 10Fake It Till You Make It2017-02-22