All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Pilot2015-10-12  
1 x 2Hugo Strange2015-10-16  
1 x 3Insanity is Rising2015-10-23  
1 x 4Who's Laughing Now?2015-10-31  
1 x 5Solidified Leisure2015-11-27  
1 x 6Pulling the Plug on Secrets2015-12-04  
1 x 7Madness of Arkham2015-12-11  
1 x 8The Croc-odile2015-12-18  
1 x 9Fighting War2015-12-25  
1 x 10From Finish to Last2016-01-01  
1 x 11Justice for All2016-02-05  
1 x 12No Police is Good2016-05-06  
1 x 13Hatter in Arkhamland2016-05-13  
1 x 14Red Hood2016-05-21  
1 x 15Day2016-05-27  
1 x 16The Mask2016-06-05  
1 x 17Mr. Freeze2016-06-10  
1 x 18A Cold Heart, A Cold Man2016-06-17  
1 x 19Unleashing Beasts2016-06-24  
1 x 20Conflagration2016-07-01  
1 x 21Clayface2016-07-08  
1 x 22Infestation 2016-07-18  
SpecialComic Con 20152015-10-04 
2 x 1Rising of Arkham: Reawakened 2016-10-14  
2 x 2Rising of Arkham: Protege2016-10-21  
2 x 3Rising of Arkham: League of Assassins2016-10-28  
2 x 4Rising of Arkham: The Cold Dawn2016-11-04  
2 x 5Rising of Arkham: Anarky2016-11-11  
2 x 6Rising of Arkham: Legion Force2016-11-18  
2 x 7Rising of Arkham: Conbustion2016-11-25  
2 x 8Rising of Arkham: The Son of Arkham2016-12-02  
2 x 9Rising of Arkham: By Flame2016-12-09  
2 x 10Rising of Arkham: Selina Kyle2016-12-16  
2 x 11Wrath of Arkham: Secret Six2017-02-03  
2 x 12Wrath of Arkham: Transmogrification2017-02-10  
2 x 13Wrath of Arkham: Consternation2017-02-17  
2 x 14Wrath of Arkham: The Son of Pyg2017-02-24  
2 x 15Wrath of Arkham: Uprising2017-03-03  
2 x 16Wrath of Arkham: Arkham Knight2017-03-10  
2 x 17Wrath of Arkham: Son of the Demon2017-03-17  
2 x 18Wrath of Arkham: Lazarus2017-03-24  
2 x 19Wrath of Arkham: Tockman2017-04-21  
2 x 20Wrath of Arkham: Abscond2017-04-28  
2 x 21Wrath of Arkham: Insurrection2017-05-05  
2 x 22Wrath of Arkham: Penultimate2017-05-12  
SpecialComic Con 20162016-07-07 
3 x 1Rise to Justice: Ascended from Hell2017-10-13  
3 x 2Rise to Justice: From the Past2017-10-20  
3 x 3Rise to Justice: Fear is Endless2017-10-27  
3 x 4Rise to Justice: Look Into My Madness2017-11-03  
3 x 5Rise to Justice: Destiny2017-11-10  
3 x 6Rise to Justice: Rise of the New Dawn 2017-11-17  
3 x 7Rise to Justice: By Your Worst2017-11-24  
3 x 8Rise to Justice: My Little Monster2017-12-01  
3 x 9Rise to Justice: Sacrificed 2017-12-08  
3 x 10Rise to Justice: A Death Foretold2017-12-15  
3 x 11Justice is Falling: Into the Night2018-02-02  
3 x 12Justice is Falling: Legacy 2018-02-09  
3 x 13Justice is Falling: Put a Smile on that Face2018-02-16  
3 x 14Justice is Falling: Burn the Torch2018-02-23  
3 x 15Justice is Falling: How the Joker Became to Be2018-03-02  
3 x 16Justice is Falling: Imprisoned2018-03-09  
3 x 17Justice is Falling: Read My Lips2018-03-16  
3 x 18Justice is Falling: Queen of Hearts2018-03-23  
3 x 19Justice is Falling: Under My Thumb2018-03-30  
3 x 20Justice is Falling: A Mothers Loved One2018-04-06  
3 x 21Justice is Falling: Trust Me2018-05-04  
3 x 22Justice is Falling: The Green Riddle2018-05-11  
3 x 23A New City: Born in Arkham  
SpecialFire and Freeze: The Ultimate War2017-06-02 
4 x 1Rise of the Night: Near the End2018-10-12  
4 x 2Rise of the Night: The Angel of Death2018-10-19  
4 x 3Rise of the Night: Card Queen  
4 x 4Rise of the Night: Goodnight, My Cobblepot  
4 x 5Rise of the Night: From the Darkness  
4 x 6Rise of the Night: Dusk 'Till Dawn  
4 x 7Rise of the Night: The Demon's Head  
4 x 8Rise of the Night: Personification  
4 x 9Rise of the Night: Citadel  
4 x 10Rise of the Night: They Call Him Pyg  
4 x 11Rise of the Night: When Tomorrow Comes  
4 x 12Rise of the Night: By Blood  
4 x 13Rise of the Night: Red Hair, Green Eyes  
4 x 14Rise of the City: Face Your Fears  
4 x 15Rise of the City: The Shadow War  
4 x 16Rise of the City: Assassins  
4 x 17Rise of the City: They Live in the Cave  
4 x 18Rise of the City: The Identity Thief  
4 x 19Rise of the City: Hush Little Baby  
4 x 20Rise of the City: No Man's Land  
4 x 21Rise of the City: Bad Moon Rising  
4 x 22Rise of the City: A Dark Knight  
5 x 1A Dark Knight: Wait for It  
5 x 2A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows  
5 x 3A Dark Knight: Castle  
5 x 4A Dark Knight: Woods that Forgave  
5 x 5A Dark Knight: This Little Piggy  
5 x 6A Dark Knight: Dead By Midnight  
5 x 7A Dark Knight: Let Them Be In the Sewers  
5 x 8A Dark Knight: Home Sweet Home  
5 x 9A Dark Knight: Out in the Opens  
5 x 10A Dark Knight: The Scarecrow  
5 x 11A Dark City: Look At Me  
5 x 12A Dark City: Fear  
5 x 13A Dark City: The Gentlemen of Crime  
5 x 14A Dark City: Dawn After Day  
5 x 15A Dark City: In Another Land  
5 x 16A Dark City: Hide In Your Circle  
5 x 17A Dark City: When the Night Lurks  
5 x 18A Dark City: Lunatics  
5 x 19A Dark City: Nothing But Blood  
5 x 20A Dark City: The Dark Jester  
5 x 21A Dark City: The Joker Card2020-05-08  
5 x 22A Dark City: Prevails Upon You2020-05-08  
6 x 1Heros Will Rise: Beasts  
6 x 2Heros Will Rise: Meant to Be  
6 x 3Heros Will Rise: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire  
6 x 4Heros Will Rise: Light the Torch  
6 x 5Heros Will Rise: How the Penguin Got His Name  
6 x 6Heros Will Rise: How the Penguin Lost His Power  
6 x 7Heros Will Rise: From Ashes to Reconstruction  
6 x 8Heros Will Rise: Scarred Absence  
6 x 9Heros Will Rise: From the Ashes  
6 x 10Heros Will Rise: Time Explosion  
6 x 11Heros Will Rise: A Fish Out of the Sea  
6 x 12Arkham Rising: A Calendar is Calling  
6 x 13Arkham Rising: The Origin of the Joker  
6 x 14Arkham Rising: Torn Apart  
6 x 15Arkham Rising: Risen from Darkness, Out of Light  
6 x 16Arkham Rising: Anything for Me  
6 x 17Arkham Rising: Power is the New Death  
6 x 18Arkham Rising: Powerful Soul  
6 x 19Arkham Rising: Fire and Darkness  
6 x 20Arkham Rising: Upon Light, Will Seek Darkness  
6 x 21Arkham Rising: Beyond Scared  
6 x 22Arkham Rising: All Will Be Judged  
7 x 1Rise to Darkness: Fallen Into Hell  
7 x 2Rise to Darkness: Depths In Within  
7 x 3Rise to Darkness: HeavyDirtyHeart  
7 x 4Rise to Darkness: The Rise of the Riddler  
7 x 5Rise to Darkness: A Legion of Unhinged Villains  
7 x 6Rise to Darkness: Fire Gets In Your Lies  
7 x 7Rise to Darkness: A Dark Hero  
7 x 8Rise to Darkness: Angel of Death  
7 x 9Rise to Darkness: Meant to Happen  
7 x 10Rise to Darkness: Sister, My Sister  
7 x 11Fallen from Light: Fate Is Fire  
7 x 12Fallen from Light: Anything From You  
7 x 13Fallen from Light: Fist of Honor  
7 x 14Fallen from Light: Evil Upon Us  
7 x 15Fallen from Light: Became This Way  
7 x 16Fallen from Light: Sword of Salvation  
7 x 17Fallen from Light: Was This Way  
7 x 18Fallen from Light: Alive from Darkness  
7 x 19Fallen from Light: Fallen of the City  
7 x 20Fallen from Light: Light to Evil  
7 x 21Fallen from Light: Death and Madness  
7 x 22Fallen from Light: Batman