Button Moon

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Three Little Pigs1980-12-08  
1 x 2The Witch's Toast1980-12-15  
1 x 3Billy Goat's Gruff1980-12-22  
1 x 4Sid and Baby1980-12-29  
1 x 5The Three Wishes1981-01-05  
1 x 6Storks1981-01-12  
1 x 7Tin-Who-Tea-What1981-01-19  
1 x 8Scruffy and the Bone1981-01-26  
1 x 9The Grasshopper and the Ants1981-02-02  
1 x 10The Magic Totem1981-02-09  
1 x 11The Hare and the Tortoise1981-02-16  
1 x 12The Fox and the Hen1981-02-23  
1 x 13House For Sale1981-03-02  
2 x 1A Witch Comes to Stay1981-12-29  
2 x 2The Caterpillar Who Loved His Greens1982-01-05  
2 x 3The New Canoe1982-01-12  
2 x 4The Biggest Tomato in the World1982-01-19  
2 x 5Scruffy and the Sparrow1982-01-26  
2 x 6The Dragon Has a Cold1982-02-02  
2 x 7The Flying Jam Sandwich1982-02-09  
2 x 8The Persian Market1982-02-16  
2 x 9Music in the Air1982-02-23  
2 x 10Scruffy at the Seaside1982-03-02  
2 x 11The Little Red Hen1982-03-09  
2 x 12Getting Away from It All1982-03-16  
2 x 13The Lion and the Mouse1982-03-23  
3 x 1Looking for Button Moon 1983-10-05  
3 x 2Tina Teaspoon and the School Mouse1983-10-12  
3 x 3A Day Trip to Button Moon 1983-10-19  
3 x 4Shoebox Station1983-10-26  
3 x 5Two Sticky Mugs1983-11-02  
3 x 6Button Hole Pond1983-11-09  
3 x 7The Scouts' Garden Fete1983-11-16  
3 x 8Queenie Jelly1983-11-23  
3 x 9Painting the Pipes1983-11-30  
3 x 10Freddy Teddy1983-12-07  
3 x 11The Clown Who Lost His Smile1983-12-14  
3 x 12Happy Birthday Mrs Spoon1983-12-21  
3 x 13Bundle and Fluff  
4 x 1Egbert Goes to Button Moon  
4 x 2The Spaceship Breaks Down  
4 x 3Playing Games on Button Moon  
4 x 4The Gravy Boat  
4 x 5Sticky Sweets  
4 x 6Picnic on Button Moon  
4 x 7The Cake Fairy Goes Ice Skating  
4 x 8Rag Doll Marries a Dinosaur  
4 x 9Egbert Goes Camping  
4 x 10Banana Birds  
4 x 11Pink and Purple Dinosaur  
4 x 12The Shark in the Bath  
4 x 13The Paper Parade  
5 x 1A Hole In Blanket Sky  
5 x 2Egbert Wants to Help  
5 x 3Tutti Frutti Ice Cream  
5 x 4Granny Spoon and the Missing Apple Pie  
5 x 5Rain Stopped Play  
5 x 6Bottle Party  
5 x 7Paperchase on Button Moon  
5 x 8Winter Sports for the Frozen Vegetables  
5 x 9Ding a Ling Ice Cream  
5 x 10Blue Button Moon  
5 x 11Crazy Games  
5 x 12The Royal Handkerchief Ballet  
5 x 13The Holiday Weekend  
6 x 1The Good Luck Bird  
6 x 2Hose on Charlie's Nose  
6 x 3Planet Doughnut  
6 x 4Rag Doll Has a Cold  
6 x 5Honeymoon  
6 x 6Mrs Spoon's Jumble Sale  
6 x 7Buttonhole Pond  
6 x 8Missing Martha Muggins  
6 x 9Barn Dance  
6 x 10Bobbing Bottle  
6 x 11A Hole in Blanket Sky  
6 x 12Cows on Button Moon  
6 x 13Cinders and the Magic Beans  
6 x 14Queenie Jelly Loses Her Cherries  
7 x 1Button Moon Boat Race  
7 x 2Vacuum Cleaner for Sale  
7 x 3Benny Bin  
7 x 4Little Bottle Floats Away  
7 x 5Button Moon Talent Show  
7 x 6Mr and Mrs Spoon's Anniversary  
7 x 7Mice Play on Button Moon  
7 x 8Dotty Teapot  
7 x 9Rag Doll Moves House  
7 x 10What's the Matter with Marrow  
7 x 11Egbert's Birthday  
7 x 12Cold Cows on Button Moon  
7 x 13The Snoring Princess