Curious George

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialCurious George2006-08-17
1 x 1Curious George Flies A Kite2006-09-04  
1 x 2From Scratch2006-09-04  
1 x 3Curious George's Home for Pigeons2006-09-05  
1 x 4Out of Order2006-09-05  
1 x 5Zeroes to Donuts2006-09-06  
1 x 6Curious George, Stain Remover2006-09-06  
1 x 7Buoy Wonder2006-09-07  
1 x 8Roller Monkey2006-09-07  
1 x 9Curious George On Time2006-09-14  
1 x 10Curious George's Bunny Hunt2006-09-14  
1 x 11Curious George Takes a Job2006-09-15  
1 x 12Curious George Takes Another Job2006-09-15  
1 x 13Curious George, Door Monkey2006-09-18  
1 x 14Curious George Goes Up the River2006-09-18  
1 x 15Curious George and the Invisible Sound2006-09-19  
1 x 16Curious George, A Peeling Monkey2006-09-19  
1 x 17Curious George, Dog Counter2006-09-26  
1 x 18Squirrel For a Day2006-09-26  
1 x 19Curious George Discovers the 'Poles2006-09-27  
1 x 20Curious George Finds His Way2006-09-27  
1 x 21Water to Ducks2006-09-28  
1 x 22Animal Magnetism2006-09-28  
1 x 23Doctor Monkey2006-09-29  
1 x 24Curious George the Architect2006-09-29  
1 x 25Zoo Night2006-10-06  
1 x 26Charkie Escapes2006-10-06  
1 x 27Curious George's Rocket Ride2006-10-09  
1 x 28Curious George, Station Master2006-10-09  
1 x 29Curious George and the Dam Builders2006-10-10  
1 x 30Curious George's Low High Score2006-10-10  
1 x 31Curious George Sees Stars2006-10-11  
1 x 32Curious George Gets A Trophy2006-10-11  
1 x 33George Makes A Stand2006-10-18  
1 x 34Curious George Sees the Light2006-10-18  
1 x 35Candy Counter2006-10-19  
1 x 36Curious George Rescue Monkey2006-10-19  
1 x 37The Truth About George Burgers2006-10-20  
1 x 38Curious George In the Dark2006-10-20  
1 x 39The Clean Perfect Yellow Hat2006-10-23  
1 x 40Bee Is For Bear2006-10-23  
1 x 41Surprise Quints2007-01-15  
1 x 42Muddy Monkey2007-01-15  
1 x 43Curious George Takes A Vacation2007-01-16  
1 x 44Curious George and the One That Got Away2007-01-16  
1 x 45Ski Monkey2007-01-17  
1 x 46George the Grocer2007-01-17  
1 x 47Keep Out Cows2007-01-18  
1 x 48Curious George and the Missing Piece2007-01-18  
1 x 49Camping With Hundley2007-01-19  
1 x 50Curious George vs. the Turbo Python 30002007-01-19  
1 x 51Housebound!2007-02-19  
1 x 52Curious George Rides a Bike2007-02-19  
1 x 53The All Animal Recycled Band2007-02-20  
1 x 54The Times Of Sand2007-02-20  
1 x 55The Elephant Upstairs2007-02-21  
1 x 56Being Hundley2007-02-21  
1 x 57George Fixes Betsy's Wagon2007-02-22  
1 x 58Curious George Takes a Dive2007-02-22  
1 x 59Unbalanced2007-02-23  
1 x 60Curious George vs. Winter2007-02-23  
2 x 1Up, Up and Away2007-09-03  
2 x 2Skunked2007-09-03  
2 x 3Monkey Underground2007-09-04  
2 x 4Cat Mother2007-09-04  
2 x 5Up A Tree2007-09-05  
2 x 6Curious George and the Trash2007-09-05  
2 x 7Curious George Gets All Keyed Up2007-09-06  
2 x 8Gutter Monkey2007-09-06  
2 x 9Grease Monkeys in Space2007-10-08  
2 x 10PiƱata Vision2007-10-08  
2 x 11All-New Hundley2007-10-09  
2 x 12Signs Up2007-10-09  
2 x 13Color Me Monkey2007-10-10  
2 x 14Special Delivery Monkey2007-10-10  
2 x 15Free Hundley2007-11-19  
2 x 16Bag Monkey2007-11-19  
2 x 17Monkey Stagehand2007-11-20  
2 x 18The Magic Garden2007-11-20  
2 x 19Curious George Plumber's Helper2007-11-21  
2 x 20Curious George Takes A Hike2007-11-21  
2 x 21The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat2007-11-22  
2 x 22Creatures Of The Night2007-11-22  
2 x 23Scaredy Dog2008-01-21  
2 x 24Say Goodnight, George2008-01-21  
2 x 25A Bridge too Farm2008-01-22  
2 x 26Monkey Fever2008-01-22  
2 x 27Curious George, Spy Monkey2008-01-23  
2 x 28Castle Keep2008-01-23  
2 x 29Robot Monkey Hullabaloo2008-01-24  
2 x 30Curious George and the Slithery Day2008-01-24  
2 x 31Curious George, Web Master2008-02-18  
2 x 32The Big Sleepy2008-02-18  
2 x 33Curious George Sinks the Pirates2008-02-19  
2 x 34This Little Piggy2008-02-19  
2 x 35King Doggie2008-02-20  
2 x 36The Lucky Cap2008-02-20  
2 x 37Curious George, Sea Monkey2008-04-21  
2 x 38Old McGeorgie Had A Farm2008-04-21  
2 x 39Curious George Beats the Band2008-04-22  
2 x 40Hats and a Hole2008-04-22  
2 x 41  
3 x 1Ice Station Monkey2008-09-01  
3 x 2The Perfect Carrot2008-09-01  
3 x 3Curious George Meets The Press2008-09-02  
3 x 4Snow Use2008-09-02  
3 x 5For the Birds2008-09-03  
3 x 6Curious George-asaurus2008-09-03  
3 x 7Mulch Ado About Nothing2008-09-04  
3 x 8What Goes Up2008-09-04  
3 x 9Amazing Maze Race2008-10-13  
3 x 10The Color of Monkey2008-10-13  
3 x 11Man with the Monkey Hands2008-11-28  
3 x 12Whistlepig Wednesday2008-11-28  
3 x 13George Digs Worms2008-12-01  
3 x 14Everything Old is New Again2008-12-01  
3 x 15Wheels on the Bus2009-02-16  
3 x 16Seed Trouble2009-02-16  
3 x 17Fun-Ball Tally2009-02-17  
3 x 18Red Sky at Night Monkey's Delight2009-02-17  
3 x 19Shipwrecked With Hundley2009-02-18  
3 x 20Chasing Rainbows2009-02-18  
3 x 21Night of the Weiner Dog2009-04-22  
3 x 22Animal Trackers2009-04-22  
4 x 1Curious George Personal Trainer2009-09-08  
4 x 2Sprout Outing2009-09-08  
4 x 3Gnocchi the Critic2009-09-09  
4 x 4George Cleans Up2009-09-09  
4 x 5George Meets Allie-Whoops2009-10-12  
4 x 6Hundley's Great Escape2009-10-12  
SpecialCurious George: A Very Monkey Christmas2009-11-21
4 x 7Juicy George2009-11-23  
4 x 8The Big Picture2009-11-23  
4 x 9The Inside Story2009-12-14  
4 x 10Little Fish, Littler Pond2009-12-14  
4 x 11Guest Monkey2010-02-15  
4 x 12Charkie Goes to School2010-02-15  
4 x 13Relax!2010-02-16  
4 x 14The Box and the Hound2010-02-16  
4 x 15George Measures Up2010-04-22  
4 x 16Something New Under the Sun2010-04-22  
4 x 17Movie House Monkey2010-06-14  
4 x 18Cooking with Monkey2010-06-14  
5 x 1George and Marco Sound It Out2010-09-06  
5 x 2A Monkey's Duckling2010-09-06  
5 x 3Trader George2010-09-07  
5 x 4One in a Million Chameleon2010-09-07  
5 x 5George's Super Subway Adventure2010-09-08  
5 x 6Well Done, George2010-09-08  
5 x 7Downhill Racer2011-02-21  
5 x 8Book Monkey2011-02-21  
5 x 9Monkey Size Me2011-02-22  
5 x 10Metal Detective2011-02-22  
5 x 11George-O-Matic2011-02-23  
5 x 12Curious George, Sheep Herder2011-02-23  
5 x 13George's Home Run2011-04-01  
5 x 14Monkey On Ice2011-04-01  
5 x 15Go West, Young Monkey2011-04-21  
5 x 16Meet the New Neighbors2011-04-21  
5 x 17Follow That Boat2011-04-22  
5 x 18Windmill Monkey2011-04-22  
5 x 19Mother's Day Surprise2011-05-06  
5 x 20Jungle Gym2011-05-06  
6 x 1School of Dance2011-09-03  
6 x 2Curious George Sounds Off2011-09-03  
6 x 3George Buys a Kite2011-09-04  
6 x 4Train of Light2011-09-04  
6 x 5Auctioneer George2011-09-05  
6 x 6Sock Monkey Opera2011-09-05  
6 x 7George and the Giant Thumb2011-09-07  
6 x 8Shutter Monkey2011-09-07  
6 x 9Hamster Cam2011-09-06  
6 x 10The Great Monkey Detective2011-09-06  
6 x 11Wind Symphony2012-02-21  
6 x 12George and Allie's Automated Car Wash2012-02-21  
6 x 13Feeling Antsy2012-02-22  
6 x 14Maple Monkey Madness2012-02-22  
6 x 15DJ George2012-04-16  
6 x 16Curious George Paints the Desert2012-04-16  
6 x 17No Knowing Gnocchi2012-04-18  
6 x 18Here Comes the Tide2012-04-18  
6 x 19Junky Monkey2012-04-20  
6 x 20Jumpy Warms Up2012-04-20  
7 x 1Monkey Down Under2012-12-03  
7 x 2Bright Lights, Little Monkey2012-12-03  
7 x 3We Otter Be Friends2012-12-04  
7 x 4Sir George and the Dragon2012-12-04  
7 x 5Hundley Jr.2012-12-05  
7 x 6Curious George Gets Winded2012-12-05  
7 x 7Where's the Firedog?2013-02-04  
7 x 8Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye2013-02-04  
SpecialCurious George Swings Into Spring2013-04-22
7 x 9Honey of a Monkey2013-04-23  
7 x 10Curious George's Egg Hunt2013-04-23  
7 x 11George and Allie's Lawn Service 2013-04-24  
7 x 12Curious George's Scavenger Hunt2013-04-24  
SpecialCurious George: Comes to America1982-01-01
SpecialCurious George Goes to the Hospital1982-01-01
8 x 1Toy Monkey2014-02-10  
8 x 2George and Allie's Game Plan2014-02-10  
8 x 3Monkey Hoedown2014-02-11  
8 x 4Curious George Clowns Around2014-02-11  
8 x 5George's Backwards Flight Plan2014-02-12  
8 x 6Curious George, Hog Trainer2014-02-12  
8 x 7Red Planet Monkey2014-05-19  
8 x 8Tortilla Express2014-05-19  
8 x 9Curious George Goes For 1002014-05-20  
8 x 10Fearless George2014-05-20  
8 x 11Big, Bad Hundley2014-05-21  
8 x 12Simple Siphon2014-05-21  
9 x 1Submonkey2014-10-28  
9 x 2Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble2014-10-28  
9 x 3Monkey Goes Batty2014-10-29  
9 x 4Curious George and the Balloon Hound2014-10-29  
9 x 5George's Photo Finish2014-10-30  
9 x 6Monkey Mystery Gift2014-10-30  
9 x 7Happy Valentine's Day, George!2015-02-09  
9 x 8Oh Deer2015-02-09  
9 x 9George's Curious Dragon Dance2015-03-31  
9 x 10Bowling for Bobolinks2015-03-31  
9 x 11Curious George's Amazon Adventure2015-04-01  
9 x 12Monkey Senses2015-04-01