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Pain, Pus & Poison: The Search for Modern Medicines

In Pain, Pus And Poison, Dr Michael Mosley tells the extraordinary story of how scientists learnt to use the world around us to heal our bodies and conquer the common afflictions of pain, pus and poison. He explores how certain chemicals – once invisible and almost magical in their effects - were discovered, captured, understood and finally exploited. In the three-part series, Michael discovers how a crisis in the French wine industry led to the discovery of what actually causes disease; how a German scientist obsessed with colour found the world's first targeted drug and how, if it weren't for a group of Oxford scientists and American industrialists, penicillin - the most powerful life-saving drug the world has ever seen - might have remained no more than a lab curiosity.


First Aired: July 22, 2013
Air Day: Monday
Air Time: 8:30 PM
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: BBC Four
Genre: Documentary


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