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Q&A puts punters, pollies and pundits together in the studio to thrash out the hot issues of the week. It's about democracy in action - on Q&A the audience gets to ask the questions. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you're from - everyone can have a go and take it up to our politicians and opinion makers. Energetic and opinionated - Q&A brings Australia's egalitarian and larrikin spirit into the studio. Q&A is about encouraging people to engage with politics and society. Q&A is hosted by one of the ABC's most respected journalists - Tony Jones. Q&A is live to air - it's happening as viewers watch.

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First Aired: May 8, 2008
Air Day: Monday
Air Time: 21:30
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: ABC1
Genre: Talk Show


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Tony Jones

as Host (himself)
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