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Dokuta X Gekai Daimon Michiko

Michiko Daimon goes to a university hospital with her letter of introduction. Michiko Daimon is a freelancer surgeon and is placed at the university hospital by a doctor placement agency. Due to the hospital's harsh working conditions several doctors have quit. Michiko doesn't appear as your typical doctor. She wears shorts and some people assume she is the girlfriend of someone at the hospital. Michiko though is an excellant surgeon. At the university hospital, Michiko makes objections to the director of the university hospital, who plans to perform a surgery. Michiko points out the director's antiquated surgical methods and the fact that he hasn't performed as a surgeon in many years. Others though are frozen by Michiko's objections. Nobody second guesses the director of the university hospital.


First Aired: October 18, 2012
Air Day: Thursday
Air Time: 21:00
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: TV Asahi
Genre: Drama


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Yonekura Ryoko

as Michiko Daimon
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Taguchi Tomoro

as Narrator
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Toshiyuki Nishida

as Shigekatsu Hiruma
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