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Live PD

As the debate over the policing of America continues to be a part of the daily conversation across the nation, A&E will offer viewers unfettered and unfiltered live access inside the country’s busiest police forces and the communities they patrol. Broadcast live and in real time, Live PD follows law enforcement officers from a mix of six urban and rural police forces around the country. Over the course of eight weeks, dash cams along with fixed rig and handheld cameras, will capture the work of a typical Friday night for officers from Walton County in Florida's Panhandle; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Richland County, South Carolina; Tulsa, Oklahoma; the Arizona Department of Public Safety; and the Utah Highway Patrol.


First Aired: October 28, 2016
Air Day: Friday
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Runtime: 240 minutes
Network: A&E
Genre: Crime


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