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Sumire (Kyoko Yoshine) was born as the second child from a wealthy family. She enjoys embroidery and sewing. Whatever Sumire decides to do, she must achieve the goal no matter what. During World War II, Sumire gets married and becomes pregnant, but her husband is sent off to war. She gives birth to her first daughter. Right before the end of war, the city of Kobe is attacked. Due to the attack, Sumire loses property. While waiting for her husband to return, she begins to make children’s clothes.


First Aired: October 3, 2016
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 8.00
Runtime: 15 minutes
Network: NHK
Genre: Drama


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Kento Nagayama

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Kengo Kora

as Kiyoshi Nogami
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Misako Renbutsu

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