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Teams of five friends, family members or colleagues take it in turns to build up the prize pot solo by filling in the blanks of a ‘top ten' list on any number of general knowledge subjects. If a player gives five or more correct answers, they add money to the team prize fund and secure their place in the final. The more answers they give after that, the more money they bank. If they get a perfect 10, they add £25,000, making the potential jackpot £125,000. Players each get one 'life' allowing them to give an incorrect answer, but a second mistake will see them eliminated, their winnings wiped from the bank and themselves excluded from the final round. Across the game, the team have three 'nominates'. If a player is stuck for an answer, they can nominate a team member to provide an answer for them. If a player gives an answer the team captain deems incorrect, they can overrule it a

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First Aired: November 14, 2016
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 15.00
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: ITV
Genre: Game Show


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Warwick Davies

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