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Plerng Boon

Pimala and Jai Rerng are close friends since they were kids. They are neighbors and study in the same class. One day, Rerk's family moves to live as their neighbor and he befriends these 2 girls. Rerk and Jai Rerng have a crush on each other and start to date. Rerk falls head over heels for Jai Rerng while she doesn't care much about him. Everytime Rerk and Jai Rerng have a fight, Rerk always asks for advice and consults with Pimala. Later, after Jai Rerng meets Terdpan, she breaks up with Rerk to get married with Terdpan. It hurts Rerk so much and he is very angry at her. After that, Rerk and Pimala get familiar to each other more and more. One day, Rerk confesses his love to Pimala and they date each other and promise that they will get married after Pimala graduates. In the engagement day, Jai Rerng appears at their ceremony. She tells Pimala that she is going to divorce Terdpan. Afte

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First Aired: August 3, 2017
Air Day: Wednesday
Air Time: 20.30
Runtime: 130 minutes
Network: Channel 3
Genre: Drama


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Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak

as Rerk
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Janie Tienphosuwan

as Jai Rerng
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Bella Vanita

as Pimala
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