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Tawq El-Banat

In the period of the French occupation of (Syria), (collar girls) is the ring bought by the father of girls to his little daughter (and Saad), and at the moment of revenge from the father of girls, one of them to kidnap (Walsh Saad), after believed that their father deals with the occupier The Frenchman kills a kidnap before telling his mother or anyone about the identity of the hijacker. The girl dies with the truth. The girl lives in a strange house like her daughter, but the one who takes care of her falls in love with her. In another dramatic line, the occupation authorities send Colonel (France), who is known for his cruelty to Syria, to suppress the rebellious movements, and his situation changes with his mixing with the people and with the love of Mary, the daughter of one of his greatest enemies.


First Aired: June 29, 2014
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 18:00
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: MBC 1
Genre: Action


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Dima Kandalaft

as Camellia
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HAYA Marashli

as mal alsham
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Yamen Hgele

as Hamza
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