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The Flight to Victory

Cecilia, a sick and underprivileged woman, leaves and abandons her newborn baby daughter at the Seis Potros ranch, property of the Santibañez family, truly hoping her daughter has a better life there than the one she could offer to her. However, Chencha is the one who finds the baby girl and becomes the little one’s new carer. Now, she must manage to raise the child without disturbing the house’s owners, especially fearsome Gloria de Santibañez, the lord and master of the house and a cold-blooded, controlling woman who is to mark the little girl’s fate. The child is named Victoria as she has already achieved her first major victory: staying alive despite her mother’s abandonment. She grows up as a normal child, full of life and joy. At 4 years old, she is already used to running around barefoot. Apparently, her inevitable destiny is to become a professional sprinter.

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First Aired: July 10, 2017
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 17:30
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: Canal de las Estrellas
Genre: Romance


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