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Sightless Love

On a stormy night, beautiful Marina was apparently stillborn. The labor was assisted by Damiana, the town’s midwife, who also assisted a healthy boy’s delivery a few hours earlier. Sadly, that boy’s mother died at giving birth. Don Luis, Marina’s father, has been obsessed with having a boy ever since he married Prudencia, so he is constantly threatening his wife with leaving her for a woman who can give him the heir that will immortalize the Ocaranza’s name if she doesn’t. Unfortunately, after giving birth to the little girl, Prudencia won’t be able to get pregnant again, which encourages her nanny Angustias to convince Damiana of benefiting the orphan baby and his family by passing him off as a legitimate Ocaranza Arzuaga. this way, Alberto, Don Luis’ pride, is raised in a silver spoon and gets to travel abroad to study medicine. Marina miraculously survives and

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First Aired: November 13, 2017
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 16:30
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: Canal de las Estrellas
Genre: Romance


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Claudia Martín

as Marina
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Osvaldo de León

as Luis Alberto
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Scarlet Gruber

as Vanessa
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