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Radio Romance

Song Geurim is a radio program writer who isn't exactly talented in writing. She's got the passion, initiative, and drive, but due to her lack of writing skills, she still remains an assistant writer. When she was young, the radio was the only thing in the world that she could share with her blind mother. She was consoled by the sounds of the radio and loved it more than anything, so she became a writer. When her radio program is on the verge of cancellation, she succeeds in casting a top actor Ji Suho, who can't do anything without a script.

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First Aired: January 29, 2018
Air Day: Monday
Air Time: 22:00
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: KBS TV2
Genre: Drama


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Kim So-Hyun

as Song Geu-Rim
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Yoon Doo-Joon

as Ji Soo-Ho
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Yoon Park

as Lee Gang
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