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Blade Franchise

Wesley Snipes stars as vampire hunter Eric ‘Blade’ Brooks in this film series based on the fictional Marvel Comics superhero of the same name.

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In 1967, a pregnant woman is attacked by a vampire while giving birth. Doctors are able to save her baby, but the woman dies of infection.

Blade II

In 1999, Two years after the events of the first Blade (film), Blade has been searching in Prague to find his mentor Abraham Whistler, who was thought to have died after being attacked by Deacon Frost and his vampire pack but instead was turned into a vampire. Blade discovers Whistler being held at a vampire safe house inside an amniotic-like tube. After returning to their headquarters, Blade gives Whistler an anti-virus vampire serum to revert him back to human. Blade's new weapons creator, Scud, expresses doubts in Whistler becoming human again.

Blade: Trinity

Vampires investigate an ancient tomb in the Syrian Desert, which they believe belongs to Dracula, the first vampire. To keep Blade from interfering, they frame him for the murder of a human Familiar spirit. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents subsequently locate Blade's hideout and kill his mentor and friend, Abraham Whistler. Demoralized, Blade surrenders and is arrested.