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Donnie Darko Franchise

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Donnie Darko

On October 2, 1988, troubled teenager Donald "Donnie" Darko is woken up and beckoned outside by a mysterious voice. Once outside, he meets a figure in a monstrous rabbit costume who introduces himself as Frank and tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Donnie wakes up the next morning on the green of a local golf course and returns home to discover a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom. His older sister Elizabeth tells him the Federal Aviation Administration investigators do not know its origin.

S. Darko

Seven years after the death of her older brother Donnie, Samantha Darko follows her best friend Corey on a road trip from Virginia to California, in an attempt to become professional dancers. Their dreams are cut short when their car breaks down in a tiny Utah town. They are saved by the town bad boy, Randy, who takes them to the local motel where they meet the conspiracy-loving motel owner who tells them of Billy Moorcroft, a boy who went missing.