Dead Heat

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Situated in Boston, Pally Lamarr plays the role of a 35 year old police officer who has recently suffered a heart attack while facing a bandit, forcing him into retirement. The loss of his career created a void that drove him into depression and left him contemplating suicide. His wife, Charlotte Lamarr calls Pally's half-brother Ray Lamarr to come and visit him with the intention of bringing his spirits up. Ray is a small time crook and he convinces Pally to finance a long-shot race horse. Unknowingly, Pally becomes in over his head as Ray's new found jockey Tony LaRoche is a gambling addict who is in debt with a Mob kingpin Frank Finnegan. Ray and Pally become guilty by association and Tony's debt is now theirs. Pally finds himself mired in murder, mobsters and misfired romance. The stakes of their new horse panning out just increase substantially.

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