House of the Dead

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After booking a boat trip to attend a rave to an island located off the coast of Seattle named "Isla del Morte" ("Island of Death"), two college students, Simon (Tyron Leitso) and Greg (Will Sanderson) meet up with three girls: Alicia (Ona Grauer), Karma (Enuka Okuma) and Cynthia (Sonya Salomaa). Karma has a crush on Simon, Simon has a crush on Alicia, and Cynthia is Greg's girlfriend. When the five arrive at the dock, they find that they are late and the boat that is supposed to take them to Isla del Morte has already left. A boat captain named Victor Kirk (Jürgen Prochnow) and his first mate Salish (Clint Howard) offer them a ride on their boat, the Lazarus V (named after the biblical man raised from the dead). As they leave, a policewoman named Jordan Casper (Ellie Cornell) tries to stop them from leaving, knowing of Kirk's past as a smuggler, but fails.

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